Make Your Own Footsteps

God said:

Into your hands, I give the world. Accept. You are a weaver of the world. You never stop. The world is My creation, and it is also yours. At every moment, you are weaving it. Your thoughts are the loom. Your thoughts are the threads. You implement the world. You play with it. All is connected to you. Uplift your thoughts, and you uplift the world. The world is as you see it. It is your chamber. It is your cornucopia, or it is your closet. It is your windfall. It is golden, or it is dark, according to your preference. The world is as it seems to you.

From this moment on, choose the world of your making.

You may not choose all the circumstances, yet you choose where you go with them. You choose whether to leave them as they are, or to transform them. You transform circumstances by rising above them. The same song can be sung in many versions. The same song can be many-rhythmed. It can have many verses. You can conduct the song. You can make it upbeat or downbeat. You are the wielder of the life you live.

Whatever the circumstances, make your life a testament to Me. Write a diary that you would show the world. Reveal Me within, and reveal Me without. Your life is vaster than its perimeters. Your life has no limits beyond the ones you set. Don’t set any. Down with the bars. They are fictive anyway.

You are here to love, and that means breaking boundaries. Whatever keeps you from loving with a full heart, break it instead of breaking any heart, yours or another’s. If you cannot break the boundaries, then jump over them. You do not know how far you can leap until you leap. And if you fall flat on your face, leap again. Who is to set the limits of you except yourself? Accept no limits. Accept what life hands you, and move on. I have handed you life. Now it is yours.

You chase life when you could be running ahead of it. You are the impresario of your life. You are the leader of it. You are not meant to be a mere follower. Make your own footsteps, and make them light. Your footsteps are not set in cement. Your life is not set in stone. Whatever you desire, you can inspire. We share in creation, you and I. We share the world. We share the momentum of it. We share how it plays out. It is not a card game where you have no say on what you deal yourself. You have every say. Deal out good cards for all. Deal out hearts and aces and kings and queens. Desire this fervently. Escalate your life. Take it out of the corners. Set it on the table. Make it a centerpiece. Set your table the way you like. And, if you cannot, enjoy the meal anyway.

Invite friends into your life. Make everyone your friend. Be the first to greet. Through greeting, you unite. Be the first. Reach out your hand. Offer something of yourself. Be friendly. Be a friend to all. Think in terms of greater rather than smaller. Smallness, you leave behind you. Vastness, you accompany. Become a partner with Vastness. Embody it. Serve the world, and you serve yourself. Serve amicably. Serve amply. Magnify the world so that all may see its Greatness, so that all may see your Greatness, so that all may see their own. Greatness is to be handed out. It is not to be held in reserve. It is not for someone to discover. It is yours to give, and to give rampantly.