Make No Man a God

God said:

There are men in the world who can fix a furnace or a car or a tooth. And you accede a certain power to them. You give over to them. You pay them for the talent and skill they ascribe to themselves, and for the time they give on your behalf. It is a business arrangement, and what you are exchanging is clear.

But in the world of life, there are no experts. You may learn something from others, but you are the learner. Do not give over responsibility to another for your life. Who can fix your share in life but you — but you and I? In the world of love (God), no one is your guru. Yet all are your teachers. And the ones you teach are also your teachers. But I am the Teacher.

When, in the affairs of life or in your search for Me, you look up at an individual, when you look up in the sense that you give away a part of yourself in deference to them, set them above you, set yourself less, you have forgotten the Oneness you were created in.

No man is an expert in your life. Do not concede the responsibility or glory for your thoughts or your being or your allocation to Me to another man.

The world of men is the world of fashion.

Fashion tells you how to dress. It tells you what to look like. But fashion is concerned with more than dress. Fashion tells you whom to follow. This year certain opinions are more listened to than others. Next year it may be reversed. You can see fashion for what it is. It is not the big thing of life.

When someone or something is considered a sensation or sensational, that very idea tells you to stay still a moment. If a man is a sensational leader of a school of thought, he is still only a man and not the governor of you. Do not be so inclined to give yourself away so quickly no matter how wonderful someone is, no matter how many others follow him, and no matter how good he makes you feel. Tip your hat to him in recognition, but remember you serve Me; no man is your Source.

Fashions of life change. Fashionable is fashionable. But fashion is not what We are concerned with here. We are looking at the eternal truths of life, and one of them is that you have no gods before Me. You are an adorer of God. No man is above you.

Yet sometimes a certain portrayal of Me is in fashion or in high demand. But I am not in style or out of style. I am as I ever was. I AM. And I am not a Ruler. I am a Creator, and I created you to be you. I did not create you to rule nor did I create you to abdicate your sovereignty.

All is vanity unless you are true to your truth. It is a certain vanity that makes you flock to this one or that. You go here and there, you go to this one or that one, expecting that he or she will somehow show you to Me. You think they have the power to give Me to you. The most another Human can do is point. It is better they point to Me and not to themselves. Any truth they hold is Mine.

Do not credit another Human being with the power and glory that are Mine. You think someone else will lead you to Me. You consider them holier than you, and you bow down. You think that giving your mind and heart away is holy, and that making more of another man somehow makes more of you. But clinging to others' thoughts is the same as abdicating your own. You are not the sheep of man. You are the lamb of God.

No man gives Me to you. I give Myself to you. You receive Me yourself. Make no man a god. Put no other gods before Me.

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