Like a Million Flower Petals

God said:

Beloveds, often you invest where there is no need to invest. Let love be your investment. Withdraw the funds you have exerted on peripheral matters, and put them into the mutual fund called love.

You have invested in worry and fear. Now, turn worry and fear over to love. Worry and fear will disappear. Keep your eye on love. Love is your vested interest. We are speaking, of course, of love from your heart and not love to your heart. From your heart is the direction of love that is to be your focus. Follow the course of the rays of love from your heart.

Your heart is a sun. Like the sun in the sky, its attention is on what it gives. What can the sun in the sky be asking for? Its purpose is to give its rays, and that is all the sun knows. The sun of your heart is the same. Its purpose is to give. Receiving is peripheral. Receiving is beside the point.

Of course, as your consciousness grows, you discern that there is no separation from giving and receiving. For Our purposes here, however, We separate giving from receiving. It matters that you focus on giving.

It is one thing to ask this morning: “What boons will be bestowed upon me today?” It is another to ask: “What boons am I privileged to give today? What corner or street of the world would I brighten? What heart will beat higher because of a thought of mine? What kindnesses will my heart perform today that lift the vibration of the world?”

Do you really think that this approach is irrelevant? Do you really think that love is like an election, and your single vote doesn’t matter?

Your vote for love strewn from your heart can turn the tide. In any case, it turns the tide for your heart. What channel do you turn your heart to? And then others will attune their hearts to yours.

In the absence of thoughts about getting a return for your love, you will know that your love is meant to be a gift you give. It is the same as your betting on Me, beloveds, instead of something else. It is betting on the value of love. It is also assurance to yourself.

As you give love, the water mark of your own love rises. The more love you exercise, the more your heart is filled with love. This is the law of the universe. This is the law of abundance. You do not understand this: How does filling up someone else’s gas tank fill yours?

You may swear that you have seen the opposite. You may swear that those to whom you have given have taken from you. You may swear that you have given for naught. Swear all you like, there is a heart in the universe that is brightened because of your love given, because of your love given unbidden, because you gave the goods from your heart without requesting payment, neither in advance nor by later billing.

Today take a pittance of love from your heart, and drop it off somewhere. Next time a bigger amount. It won’t hurt. You won’t feel bereft. Have the idea that you are supposed to give love anonymously without thought of return.

You don’t give until it hurts. You give because it doesn’t hurt. You give love as a gesture of good will. Love multiplied in your heart is not subtracted! But don’t try to count the numbers. Just let love flow from your heart like a million flower petals blown by the wind and landing in the nethermost corners and curves of waiting hearts.