Into the Sunshine

God said:

Come back to where your heart is. Do not leave your heart dangling. People may leave you dangling, yet you are not to do that to your heart. Never obscure your heart. Your heart is a signpost for you.

Follow your heart. If you are a farmer, you feed your goats one way and your chickens another. You take care of all that which belongs to you. You have One Heart.

Now take care of your heart. I speak not of heart valves and such, for the physical is a by-product of your taking instruction from your heart. Honor your heart. Take your heart to heart. Your heart is always steering you. Your heart says, "Go this way. This way leads to happiness."

And happiness is supposed to lead to more happiness.

Here's the rub. You simply don't always know when it is your virtuous heart speaking or some whim you have latched onto that is giving you a song and dance. When are you hearing Truth, and when are you hearing pride wooing you?

Who on Earth knows who is his or her own True Love? Of course, you know that looks aren't everything. Will you only know your own True Love when it's too late? Will you know only in retrospect? Will you be disillusioned? Can a True Love truly exist for you?

You may be sought after, yet where is your heart, and how long will it stay where it is now?

Your heart may be drawn to one career. It seems like a great opportunity. Now you wonder. Was it vanity dangling ego before you once again? When did you ever know who you really were and what you really wanted?

You, the Beings I have in mind, do not typically surrender to ego, yet you don't have deep assurance of this. How can one be sure?

How does a human being know when it is his True Heart speaking? Choices seem to be a gamble. All of life seems to be a gamble. You don't want to gamble. You want a sure bet.

Surely, life is more than a toss-up, yet you are not so sure about that. You feel like a blind mariner at the helm. How do you know when it's your heart or when it's infatuation? For a glorious moment or two, love feels real, and then it may have flown the coop.

All that glitters is not gold. Gold can turn into dust.

Forthwith, your heart, as you know it, does not seem to be exactly reliable. Your heart does not always seem to sustain you. Maybe in the short run, but not in the long run. Oh, how do you know?

In any case, you don't know how to know when your heart is really on a roll, or when you are blithely kidding yourself.

Does life have to be full of starts and stops? Does your life?

It would seem that you do not know enough to be thrown into the world and have to fend for yourself. You simply don't know how to read the signs. You were thrown into the midst of life too soon. You were too young. You are sure of this.

You understand that there is great value in not having limits, yet you wouldn't mind a few traffic lights that tell you Go or Stop, or an arrow that points one way instead of two.

Is life a photo-shoot and no more?

When does Real Life reach you and carry you over the mountains? When is it your turn for a life without nettle?

When is it your turn to make worthy and long-lasting choices?

Will you ever know what you are doing and make the right choices as some people seem to do at least? When is it your turn to take the right turns in life?

Hello, My dears, how do you know that you are not! You are learning something. You are learning more than all that insecurity and doubt.

Perhaps one definition of life is that it is a risk. Ah, yes, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

If you are in a jungle, forge through it. When you are in traffic, look both ways. Whichever way you travel, whatever the ups and downs, life is pumping more life into you, and it is for you to keep going forward into the Sunshine.