Hear the Applause

God said:

Error is a concept that could well be done away with.

How simple life would be without that concept!

How much of your life is spent bemoaning an action or inaction of yours or someone else's? Life is not meant to be accumulated nor sized up. Life is a hall you pass through. You are not meant to keep its contents.

If life is a passage, you cannot keep it extant. Only this moment can be extant. Unburden yourself of the past you bear. Leave it. Step out of it.

The passage of time is illusory, and yet you keep tabs on the past. Sometimes it seems that the past, even the recent past, is of more interest to you than the moment right now. The peach you ate last year becomes an idol of life or a bane. Yet, all the while, an untasted fruit lies before you, succulent on the tree of life. Whatever the detours, this is the moment you have been climbing to. It is just ready for you to pick. One way or another, you cannot go back down this tree. I bid you forward and to go lightly. Leave the remnants of the past.

Sense of dread keeps you in dread. You dread what could befall. And so you fear to venture forth. Much of the time you dread what has occurred, and you hold on to it. That which was uncomfortable you keep, as if you must, as if you are to carry all past belongings along with you so you will be — what? — safe? wiser? uncriticized? uncriticizable? Do you carry past wounds so you will think you cannot be hurt again? Whatever you have been carrying, now is the time to let go of it. The past is but a shadow of you. You are the real thing. Empty your pockets of the past.

All the keys of the past do not fit the present. Stop carrying them.

Carry yourself, and carry Me.

The solutions of the past do not solve the present. Here is where your thinking is to change: There is nothing in the present that has to be solved. It has to be lived. You cannot undo the present any more than the past. How do you know that this moment was supposed to be otherwise than it is? How do you know what is to transpire and what is to not?

I am not talking about fate. I am talking about you. I am talking about you who may fear that you need to fend off life, when, all the while, all the seeming while, you are to embrace it.

As in life, when you run to meet someone with a smile and you greet first, you have set a tone for the other's manner of greeting you.

Be so with life. Run up to it. Do not hold back. You cannot hold it back anyway. Meet it, and meet it with aplomb.

Do not consider, even for one moment, that you are going to make mistakes. Consider instead, for even one moment, what wonders you will perform. Consider that you are exactly the right one to play the right note at this branch of life. You are the star of it, and you are going on stage, and you are welcomed, and you are applauded.

For sure, you can know I applaud you. I applaud you for being in life. I applaud you for honoring it and embracing it. You can be sure now that it is your turn to enter it, just as it is, just as you are. The curtain is raised, and now you enter. Hear the applause.

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