God's Thoughts

God said:

Wherever you have been standing, venture forth. Escalate. No matter how good you are, there is more fruit for you to pluck.

Perhaps right now you are an angel. Well, then, you progress to Archangel. Even angels don't rest on their laurels. There is more for you to gather. Let your wings flap. Look beyond them. Fly higher.

No matter how wonderful you are, there is more wonder for you to perform. But first you rise to a higher landing from which you hasten My Will.

There is always more of My Will. I will more for you. I love you as you are, and still I will more for you. I promote you higher.

There is always another branch just before you. Reach out to it.

Did you want to stop? Have you thought you reached your pinnacle, and that from now on you can just soak in your merit?

It is not that you have to prove your merit. Not at all. But you do have more before you. There is more out there with your name on it. There is a deeper etching in your heart.

You just finish one thought, and then there is another. There are more clothes for you to take off the line that I have strung from Heaven to earth. Always more coming. My thoughts plunk themselves down before you. They will not be ignored, these thoughts that beckon you ever forward.

There are new notes for you to pluck from your guitar.

You know more than you give yourself credit for. At the same time, you don't know enough. You are not done yet.

Did you really want a vacation from growth? There may be plateaus, but they are not resting places. They are where you jump off from. No matter how many leaps you have leapt, there is another space to leap over.

It is not that happiness jumps away from you. It's just that there is always more. When you have filled one cupcake tin, there is another one waiting for you to fill it. Perhaps you would prefer to be the one who swirls the icing on, but I think I have more for you to do than that.

You are much more than a decorator of sweets. You are the stirrer of the batter and you are the one who delivers the bakery product. The list of places for you to stop is long. Perhaps there are more addresses on the other side of the paper you hold in your hand.

You are on a track, and you keep running. Only on this track, there is no finishing line. You think you would like to stop so you can say you have won. You have won running.

You are in a marathon which is its own prize.

You take new breaths. You never get out of breath, for you are a runner for God. You stretch your legs as you bound forth with longer strides.

Perhaps you ride a bicycle. You power it with forward motion. Your legs churn. You coast a little now and then, but you don't get off. You keep pedaling. The wheels turn at the suggestion of your feet. The horizon pulls you forward.

What is just over the horizon for you? Whither goest thou? You listen to My whistle, and you find Me where I am. And you ask Me what blessing I have for you next. With hardly a backward glance, you whiz on, ready for the next leg of your journey Heavenward.

You do not journey for yourself. That is not enough for you. You must journey for something more than yourself. What is it, do you know?