Fear and Time Do a Dance Together

God said:

Fear not. How can you be buoyant in love when you fear? When you fear, you see shadows all over. Shadows are only shadows. They are not real. You fear shadows. The shadows don't hurt you. 

Your radical acceptance of fear hurts you. Fear makes you take a stand for shadows. You bow down to shadows.

Fear is a concept you have bought into. Fear is a response. It is a reaction. It is not a brave act that your heart trembles as if there were no tomorrow. It does not behoove you to re-enact fear, to give it yet another face, and keep fear's face alive. 

Well, in Truth, there is no tomorrow and no yesterday. Time is a temporary-seeming pause in the Structure of the Universe. It is an aberration. Fear cannot exist except in the Illusory Passage of Time. Fear and time do a dance together. They are partners. They are fearsome partners. They enact drudgery together. Fear and time become a movie feature in your life. 

It is not really that fear and time catch up to you. It really is that you stop for them. Fear and time take you for a ride in their rickety carriage, and you don't know how to get off. You fear an unknown abyss, and, so, you hold onto the abyss you see now as if it were really and truly real. 

Imagine, you decide that holding onto nothing is a form of courage. What you are really doing is hanging out with the concept of fear pressed into an alarm of danger, as if Life on Earth consists of more danger than Love, as if Life is meant to be filled with shards. It is not.

Love is the Holy Grail you carry before you. Love is a gift you give to All Who Are Thy Self,for there are no others. It is a fact that presumed others are you yourself every time. You may hold a loyalty to trembling in fear rather than sparkling in Love. Fear is a lot of hooey. It has no substance. 

While the blackguard time has its hold on you, you abscond with what is not true. You hold onto fear with all your might as if you have to be on the good side of time when time and fear are perishables. 

The thing with the overactive illusion of time is that it too often leaves you high and dry. You may spend a lifetime buying into the false power of time, for you bow down to time as you fear it. You accept and authorize its speed limit on the freeway. You ride in times' car, as it were. 

In fact, you steer the car of time. In the crush, you hear times' bells toll. You hear the bells toll for you. These bells that toll are not beautiful church bells. They do not enhance you. They trouble you. How merciless is the fear that you bow down to. 

Fear is a lot of propaganda. Fear whistles in the wind. Fear echoes itself. Fear is thunder and lightning. It is a lion's roar. Fear is a lot of hullabaloo. Fear is the Wizard of Oz who fools you. You cooperate. You try to get away unscathed. You fear to set fear straight. Fear becomes a little bonfire that you huddle over to keep warm. What is fear but a balloon that floats in your heart yet makes your heart feel heavy?

Try laughing at fear, and you will see your fears shrink. Back off from fear. Substitute Love instead, big rollicking Love that opens your huge heart for all to see. Dear Ones, open your own heart so you know the Fullness of Love. 

Down with fear and up with Love.