Each Flower on Earth

God said:

What you make of life, your interpretation of it, is what you make of life. Your thoughts make life. Life does not make your thoughts. This is a perception you are now divining.

Of course, you are not the only person in the world who has a world view and creates the illusion. You are not the only one who follows in the footsteps of the past. You arrived into a world of the past. It has not become present yet. The world deals with an old picture of itself. But you are an original.

The past nails your feet to the ground. If you could forget the past, the individual and mass past, the world would be new. You would look at the world with eyes that can see. Woe to the world that is not seen anew. The world of Earth has to be seen differently, for what you see perpetuates itself.

It is not for you to remove anything except the blinders from your eyes. The world takes its cues from you. If you want to change the world, then change your perception of it. Clear your eyes, and begin to see the magnificence I have laid before you.

The world as you presently view it is the fantasy. The world as you desire it to be is the Truth. Love and unity are not fantasies. Disparity is the fantasy. You had a bad dream and called it true, and then you made it your reality.

Conceive of the world as beautiful, and what you conceive of comes to pass. Do cartwheels through the universe. Upside down, you will begin to see. Yes, your perspective needs changing.

Do you see how your thoughts keep the apparent world the same? And your thoughts make you glum. What you call realistic is bound to discourage you. Keep on thinking and seeing the realistic way you have been, and you will engender discouragement very well. You have become an expert at it. Yes, you have been very good at discouraging yourself and the world at large.

Wouldn’t you like to be an encourager of the world? Perhaps you were waiting for someone else. It is you who is meant to inspire the world. Inspiring means breathing new life into it. I created the world with My breath. You will recreate its image with yours. Take a deep breath now. Breathe deeply of Me and exhale Me into the world fraught with lesser thoughts and obligations.

You are the server of the universe. Serve it well. Serve it well with your opinion of it. Change your impression, because that is the imprint you leave.

You have been wise to the world’s ways. You have been too wise to the ways of the world. Now be wise to the vision of your heart. Let your heart increase its happiness. No longer tell your heart how dire are the ways of the world. Uplift your heart instead, and you will herald a new world right before your eyes. Look, and you will see it now.

You will see accord. You will see vitality. You will see a union of hearts. You will begin to see what I see. I see you. I see the heart of you. I see the glow of My light shining on you and shining back to Me. I see you as I made you. And I see the world beautiful as I made it.

Each flower on Earth is beautiful. Stop thinking that My children are not as beautiful as the daisies or lilies of the field, all ultimately nourished by your heart.