Dreams Are Like Gates That Open

God said:

Consider everything that you witness in life as a metaphor. There is a message in everything. Of course, the message is open to interpretation. The point is that there is a message for you in all of life.

Life teaches you, beloveds. It often teaches you in pictures and word. Words also are pictures. There is interpretation on so many dimensions.

Whether you see love or the seeming absence of love, love is the story. Whatever tangent you are on, it is about love, about underscoring love, about your pulling yourself up with love, about your growing to greater heights. You are the teller of your story. Sometimes, seemingly, you make decisions about the story you tell, yet words of your dream come forth out of your mouth as if you have no say. The thought is there, and the thought is spoken out before you know you have it.

In the world, everything is a story. Everything seems to be made up. You run with the story, or the story runs uphill or downhill with you.

In terms of Infinity, stories don't enter. Stories by their very nature must have erroneous space and time to exist in. Stories require challenges. Stories require unfulfilled desires. Wow, you are good at listening to stories and perhaps making much of them.

At the same time, stories filled with fiction also hold Kernels of Truth within. Some stories come to an end -- or do they?

Stories that are told, can they be untold? Can a story be retracted? Is there another story that can substitute for the one before, or for the one after?  Can stories be rewritten? How can there be so many stories!

Here are three types of short stories in a nutshell:

He came, he saw, he conquered.

He loved her. He kissed her. He left.

Love me, love me not. I love, yet maybe not.

There are dreams that come true. There are dreams you never think of that don't come true. There are dreams that don't reach your awareness yet, even so, they come true.

In Truth, there are no dreams that cannot come true. Sooner or later, all dreams come true in that they you have them, and they are truly yours to dream. Even unfilled dreams in your lifetime bear fruit somewhere somehow.

Dreams are dreamt for good reason. You do not have to know the reason. Dreams are for you to dream.

Dreams call out to you. They call out:

"Dream me, dream me, so that I can come true. I have a longing to be dreamt of. Choose me, choose me. I will become forever yours. I am the dream you are to dream. I put myself in front of you. I will come to you anon, and I will blossom into the world. I am meant to be dreamed of. You are meant to dream of me. I belong in your world. I existed long before you were born. I have been waiting for you to pick me up and lift me high. May I become your dream come true.

"What matters is that you dream me. This way I become true for myself. This way I exist. This way I draw a breath. I live in more hearts than yours. I, the dream, am a Dream-Fulfiller. Just that I am dreamed of makes me come to life.

"It is not that I am like an orphan who needs a home. Rather, I become your new home. One dream leads to another. May your new home in your heart be filled with dreams like me. Find me, and you find yourself. You are destined to be a dreamer of dreams and bring dreams to life. Long live dreams. May the dreams you dream fill your heart with song. I stand right before you. Take my hand. Escort me through your life. May the Sun shine on us continually, from dream to dream, each dream anchoring in your heart. We dreams are not far-fetched. We dreams are sensible. We are common sense, just like gates that open before your very eyes."