Dream, Beloveds, Dream!

God said:

You don’t begin to know the opportunities that lie in wait.

There is a bevy of quail ready to fly up.

A rich tapestry is being woven.

You only have to catch up to all possibilities.

Somewhere along the way you learned that choices were finite. Learn today that choices are infinite. It is too limiting to pick one or two or even three.

There is an orchard of fruit trees before you. All kinds of fruit trees have been planted. You are not limited to apples and pears. There is other fruit for you to taste. The path to opportunity is not well-worn. It has hardly been traveled on.

Perhaps there is a fence around the orchard. Jump over it then. The fruit in this orchard is for you to pick.

Beyond this orchard is another and another. All fruit is yours for the picking. All you have to do is to reach for it. You don’t even have to reach. Plenty will fall on the ground before you. Quickly pick it up while it is prime.

Oh, beloveds, your path is strewn with love, and yet you fret and worry. What has not been provided for you? How did you learn the idea of lack and need? The only thing you lack, beloveds, is awareness. You have plenty of unawareness. You discover that yourself from time to time. Something was right before you, and yet you didn’t see it. “How could I have been so blind,” you say to yourself. “How could I not have seen?”

Well, see now. See the treasures before you. Whatever is before you holds a treasure. To be a treasure, it has to be counted as a treasure. Someone somewhere threw away gold, not realizing it was gold. Maybe this was you.

But that’s okay. If there is one opportunity not taken, know there is another in the offing. As a matter of fact, there is an opportunity right now. In this very moment, you have every opportunity in the world before you. Don’t argue with Me about this. Let your thoughts pounce on treasure rather than all the other things your thoughts pounce on.

Whatever treasure you desire, it is yours. Even the thought of treasure is a treasure. The thought is the real thing, beloveds. What thought can you not have? What is there that you cannot think? What thought is beyond you?

What dream can there be that you are not to have? What dream do you withhold from yourself, bar yourself from, pull yourself away from? What knock on the door do you not hear, or pretend not to hear? What dream is waiting for you to fulfill it?

Because you have dreams -- that doesn’t make you a dreamer, as the world sees dreamer, as if dreaming were a wasteful thing. You are supposed to have dreams. You must have dreams. Dreams are your reality, beloveds. Your dreams beckon opportunity to you. Surely you would not keep opportunity away. You would not ignore it. You would not fluff it off. Your dreams are your invitation. It is as easy to dream a diamond as it is to dream coal.

Your dreams are coming true all the time. Dream bigger dreams, and bigger dreams will come true. Put not a ceiling on yourself. Open up the Heavens instead.

Dreams come first. Fruition follows. The dream itself is more important than its fruition. Dreams enliven. Once fulfilled, then another dream must step up and take its place. Dream to your heart’s content. Dream now. Dream, beloveds, dream.


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