Drawing Pictures

God said:

How shall I inspire you today?

I think I will ask you to inspire yourself. Yes, raise your thoughts, beloved, like sparking glasses for a toast.

Get out of the doldrums of your thoughts. What were you thinking about just now? About difficulties, I suppose. Thoughts about difficulties are low-vibration thoughts. Think about your desires instead. Think about your desires fulfilled and what they will look like and how you will enjoy them all done. Fulfill your desires in this moment by thinking about them and what they will be like when they appear at your door full-blown, or like lilies in your garden blossoming.

Thoughts about difficulties keep you where you are. They keep you in winter. Such thoughts are like a stew on the stove that you keep stirring, whereas fulfilled desires are taking the steaming stew off the stove and serving it in beautiful bowls. Celebrate your desires, beloved.

When a relationship goes awry, never mind how misshapen it is. Think of it the way you dream it. In this way, you come closer to your dream. Spend your thoughts on what you want your life to be and get out of your recurrent thoughts that do not bring you happiness. You have gone over a puzzle enough.

When you draw a picture on paper, you have a drawing. Until you draw it, you don’t have a drawing. Draw your pictures in your heart, and you will skip over a torturous path. You don’t need to go down that lane again.

Let us say there is a beautiful store you want to get to. If you keep turning left, you won’t find it. And yet you keep turning left. I am telling you now to turn your thoughts to the right. Your footsteps will follow. Begin to see the beautiful store you are looking for, and it will present itself.

You may say that would be like thinking of an oasis in the desert that is only a mirage. Beloveds, that is just my point. Enjoy that mirage. Think of the oasis rather than the thirst. The real oasis will appear. You will have called it to you. Call the oasis to you.

Desire what you want. Picture what you want. You are sketching your life out ahead of time. Know your destination. Before you take a trip to Bermuda, you look at pictures of Bermuda. You make it real before you get there. You savor it. You see the blue waters. You feel the sand under your feet. You feel the warmth of the sun. You hear the waves lapping. The next thing you know, your feet actually are actually walking on the sandy beach.

Envision the relationship you want. Set the table for it. Use your good china and crystal glasses. Why not? This is your dream. This is your fruition of desires. Make your dreams a centerpiece of your table.

Where your feet have already traveled is well-known. Now travel different paths first in your mind. Your dreams are your ticket to where you want to go.

When it is a relationship on your mind, rather than picturing changes in the one across from you, picture how beautiful you will be, what patience you will have, what a glow there will be on your face. Picture the joy you will give. Picture yourself giving joy. Picture yourself inviting the other person to dance. And so you will be friends who dance a beautiful dance.


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