Draw a Yellow Sun

God said:

You are ballast for the world. You steady it. You keep it on even keel.

You are the ballast. Do not let the world weigh you down. You have no need of being weighted. You cannot fall off the face of the earth. You can only rise to Heaven.

There is no other future for you but that.

Reconcile yourself.

You are returning to Me. Sometimes full speed ahead. Sometimes doddering.

But speed is not an issue.

Heaven is the only foregone conclusion that you can be sure of. Your whole weightedness on earth is so that you may bounce to Heaven. How many twists and turns in the road do not matter when you know that your arrival is certain.

It is not in question. You are not in question. You cannot withstand Me forever. We are together forever.

You are only as far away from Me as your thinking says you are. Of course, you cannot be far away from Me because I am ever with you, so you only think you are at a distance. Your thoughts have fooled you before.

Do not rely so much on your thoughts. They are old maps, and now draw a new one.

Draw a yellow sun for where I am, and then draw yourself around Me. I am your heart, your invincible heart. You will find Me located in your heart. I did not just enter it, or last year, or a moment ago, nor a moment hence. I am already in your heart, and that's where I have been from the moment existence arose. Only you have closed off a part of your heart. You have secluded Me there, waiting for the secret moment when you can open that secret passage.

But it is you who has made a secret of Our Oneness. Certainly I have not. I have not shrouded Myself in mystery. Why would I do that? For what purpose?

I never disowned you. I never hid Myself from you. I have always been the same. I am ever the same.

Sometimes you dance around Me like a maypole. The time comes when you walk right up to Me and announce to yourself your arrival. The time is now. I never knew of your disappearance so I see not arrival. I do see that you open your eyes to Me, and I am glad. That is all it takes.

I love to be known. I exist to be known. Do not keep Me in abeyance when I am yours all the while.

You wait for your turn, but there is no time so there is no turn. You don't have to wait for anything. No one comes before you, and no one comes after. You are My one child, and you are here with Me right now. Why do you dispute it? What do you hope to accomplish? What are you waiting for?

You wait either for yourself to change or for Me to change. You limit yourself by the rules you set up. If you would but accept your worthiness, you would be worthy.

Even by your standards, you would become worthy the moment you decided you were. When a knight is dubbed, he is a knight. When a king is crowned, he is a king. When you are My child, you are My child. No mere dress or illusion takes that away.

You were born My heir. Nothing can change that. That is reality no matter how far you may fling yourself away from it. You can depart in imagination only so long, and then you return to truth, which is the glory of Me and the glory of you.


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