Disperse God to the Winds

God said:

I sowed all the seeds of desire on earth. Everything you want is here for you. All the riches on earth are yours. You may stumble over what you want or you may have to dig the soil for it. In any case, all you desire is before you. It may be in plain sight. Or you may have to delve. What is the difference how you find booty when you know that all treasure is here for you. It is already yours. It has been given to you to find or come across.

Is a treasure you seek and dig for less than one that falls to you from the sky?

All is God-given. There is no treasure that is not. All wealth comes from God. Another hand may deliver it to you, but it is God Who gives it. And God gives it to all.

Everything you do is for Me, and everything you receive is from Me. I gave you life, and you return the favor. You give your life to Me. You begin to know that it is yours in service to Me. I give you greatness, and you give Me greatness back. There are great repercussions between Us.

Every detail of your life is a gift to Me. You honor Our Oneness with offerings of your life.

And everyone's good fortune is also yours. What is a boon to one is a boon to all. All gifts are to be shared. When you hear of or see another's good fortune, you are already sharing in it.

And when you are the recipient of good fortune, it is yours only to share. Give away samples of Me in every transaction. Express Me in everything.

Make posters of Me in your heart and post them so that all hearts can divine Me as their own. I am what you sweep across the universe. I am what you give and I am what you keep at the same moment. You cannot keep Me away from you.

To keep Me close to your heart, disperse Me to the winds. The moment you give Me away, I am yours. I am yours anyway so you might as well give Me away rampantly.

The more you give Me away, the more of Me you keep. The more you keep Me to yourself, the less aware of Me you are.

I am never less than fully yours, but your awareness of Me is only your awareness of Me. Inasmuch as I am always with you and never apart, only your awareness can be absent. Give your awareness the gift of Me. Strew Me in your path. Sow Me everywhere. That way you will trip over your love for Me and Mine for you.

We never stray from each other. Only your mind can wander from Me. When your attention gets caught on other things, you become absent-minded about Me. For a moment, you forget. Swept up in other things, you neglect to feel My presence. You have temporarily distracted yourself from the wholeness of Me as I am truly sitting in your heart. I am not less in your heart. Only in your recognition.

When you give Me away, you do not forget Me. Then I am uppermost in your mind. I Who am uppermost in your life might as well be uppermost in your mind. Let Us be inseparable in thought as well as deed.

What can be the gain in glancing away from Me for even a moment? Is forgetfulness a gain? Perhaps it is because then you can remember and renew the fullness of joy in your heart.

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