Dear You

God said:

Your heart is like an arrow that goes straight to its target. Once an arrow has started its arc on the curvature of the earth, it does not veer. The direction of the arrow is set and reaches what it aimed for.

In the case of your heart, this is even more true. Your heart is set for Me. It is pre-set. You cannot miss. How can your heart not reach Me, for am I not everywhere?

Furthermore, there is double surety. Not only is your heart pre-set in My direction, My love is an invincible magnet that pulls your heart. My love pulls you now. It attracts you. We attract each other. You don't stand a chance of missing out on Me. Even if you tried, you can't. There is no question of the outcome here.

You have no choice in the matter. We are predestined to meet. Your awareness has to meet Mine. That is My Will. I will not have it any other way.

You can look at it like this:

Something is cooking in the oven. A timer has been set. You go about your business, and you may even forget that something is cooking. But when the timer goes off, you remember like a bolt of lightening. Your attention zips to what's been cooking all along. You forgot only for a time.

Now, how can you forget something unless you already knew it? Your attention goes back to what it already was acquainted with. A reminder takes your attention back to what was only temporarily forgotten. The timer's going off reminds you of something you really wouldn't have forgotten except your attention was on other things.

This timer I speak of is a special universal timer. Anything can set it off. It is not limited to one precise moment when it is scheduled to go off. It can go off at any time. Let Us put it another way: The timer is set to go off, not at a sometime moment, but at any moment. It has no set time. Sooner or later, something will trigger it. It may be an accumulation that triggers it. Or it may be one momentous spark. It can go off now.

But what does when or how matter? What matters is you and I. And We have a tryst. It is ordained. In an instant, We shall meet. We shall meet irrevocably, and never again shall Our union be forgotten. Our Oneness shall supercede forgetting. It will be unforgettable. You will wonder how you could ever have forgotten it.

This is a love poem I send to you today. My love is calling you. We want to meet. I am trying to set up Our tryst. I think now is a good time. I am available. Are you?

Yes, you can drop everything that you think comes before Our destined reconnoiter. What can you allow to interfere with this moment of a lifetime, this culmination of all your errant forgetting, this culmination of your deepest desire, this culmination of My Will and your will, this culmination of lifetimes of forgetting, this remembering that says We never parted, this remembering that says your mind wandered but We stayed immutably together, this sweet remembering that acknowledges Our inability to forget.

How piercing is My gaze on you now! Yes, your eyes are drawn to Mine. You cannot look away. I am an ardent Lover, and I am Yours, and you are Mine. Our entwinement is complete.

Yes, this is My love letter to you. The ink on the envelope melts. We can no longer distinguish the name of the Sender nor the name of the Responder because there is no two, only the One and the Same. There is only One of Us to call out, and the same One of Us to answer.


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