God said:

In the beginning was everything, and that everything hasn't stopped.

The beginning has been referred to as chaos. Certainly a lot was going on all at once, but that which is properly called chaos is random rampant disorganized movement, and the beginning of creation was well-crafted. Amazing.

From the outside, it may have been such a walloping surprise, that creation was taken aback at itself. But from where are you looking and how much can you see?

A juggler can throw six balls up at once. Your eyes cannot even follow. And yet, the juggling is coordinated. There are no surprises to the juggler.

The beginning of creation has been thought of as mighty upheaval, big explosion, the universe bursting into air, like firecrackers, the ashes falling where they may.

Perhaps consider the beginning of the universe like a still picture which, all of a sudden, turns into a moving picture. And yet it had been preparing for that. Before the universe could burst forth, it had to have been welling up. It had something it wanted to express. It must have been itself it wanted to express.

Think of the beginning of the universe as a great idea that suddenly bursts forth and lands in many places and is picked up everywhere by everyone and everything that arose from the beautiful idea. The idea is still streaming in light particles.

Consider the beginning of the universe as a great sun rising. It rises everywhere.

Consider the universe as a great musical composition composed by an unknown genius, orchestrated by an unseen conductor and played by unseen musicians. Then all that is heard in the universe must be the notes of this great music playing.

Consider the universe as an artist's great painting, painted all at once and in an instant with every color imaginable painted every which way, yet the artist knew what he was painting. He didn't just splash paint.

Consider the noise of the universe an occasion to rediscover the silence from which it came. Consider the activity of the universe an occasion to return to the still picture it was before it began to move.

Consider this return to the original seating like a game of musical chairs. In this game, however, there is a chair for everyone. No one is left out.

Consider that you are a spark from this origination of the universe. You are an integral vital spark and right now you are lighting earth and your way back to the beginningness from which you emanated. That which alights on earth returns to Heaven.

Consider that the beginning of creation was not one act but is beginning still. That must be the case because no one leaves their source. It cannot be abdicated. Your source is your source.

Where you have come from is not in question. Where you are now seems to be the question, and your answers to that question are questionable.

Consider that the entire energy of the universe is encased within you. Consider that you did not come apart but rather that you stayed together all of one piece. Consider that all this present whirling movement of the place you call the world is musical chairs, is a square dance, is a Virginia reel, is a return to the very moment and place from where you began.

But moment and time, and place and space, do not exist, but you do know that you exist. You are not sure who or what you are, but your eyes and ears follow My words. Something reads Me. It is you. An essence of you follows Me everywhere. An essence of you never left Me, not for one moment, not for one millisecond of this nonexistent time, nor did you ever go anywhere when where and when do not exist either. The hypotheses are time and space. The reality is you and I, sparking Our light like fireflies, happy to be fireflies of the wonder of creation.


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