Contemplate Joy

God said:

Do you begin to feel the magnificence of creation? Does it overpower you? Do you weep for joy at what God hath wrought? Do you laugh at yourself now when you feel overwhelmed by all you have to do? Considering all that I have done, your list of things to do is quite laughable, isn't it? Certainly not laudable.

Did I leave anything out of creation? Is there any wonderful being yet unconceived? Is there any ordinary creature not yet formed? What could possibly be added that is not already in the mix? And what would you remove? And if you removed it, would the soup be as hearty?

If you could appreciate one per cent of one per cent of life, how happy you would be. And of course, you can. Admit it. You can choose appreciation over denouncement any time you choose.

Where did this aggregate idea that life specializes in suffering come from? Certainly not from Me. Yet you are convinced of it. You contemplate a life of toil and woe with a few sprinkles of less toil and woe and maybe a dollop of good fortune every now and then when you're lucky. No wonder your shoulders slope. What a prediction you have made! Make another prediction. Make one you want.

You know better than to predict defeat. You don't imagine you will profit from the stock market when you are sure it's going down. You do not bet on a horse you are convinced is going to lose. Why, I ask, is there so much confidence in that which doesn't give you joy?

If you have confidence in happiness, and you lose, have you not enjoyed the confidence? What would you be missing if you contemplated joy over woe?

You can complain about anything. You have. What is the reasoning for that?

When did you decide that finding fault was something you were going to be good at? That it was indeed going to be a specialty? When did you decide that it was a talent you were going to develop? When did you decide that you would excel at it?

There are better things to excel at.

Love is one of them.

What if you focused on giving joy? What if you imagined yourself an elf or a brownie who leaves gifts around to surprise someone in the morning? What if you soled the shoemaker's shoes? What delight could you leave around for someone to be delighted in?

What if you are indispensable to the world?

What if creation is wonderful, and you are here to teach that?

What does grumbling add to the universe? Why would anyone want to grumble?

Life is like a jacket that comes in different colors. You can have the jacket of your choice. If you prefer dark, you can have it. If you prefer golden, you can just as well pick that one off the rack.

All is available to you.

And as you wear your golden jacket and it becomes sullied, you can let it brighten in the sun.

You can do anything. The fact that you can even choose darkness over light is proof enough of that.

You have exclaimed: "How can life be so hard?"

Practice saying: "How can life be so easy?"

Unburden yourself of the slant you have taken on life.

Replace it.

You have needed a new slant on life. Here, I give it to you.


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