concepts and beliefs

Wake Up, Sleepyhead

God said:

Already you have experienced that what once seemed of the utmost importance to you turns out not to be important at all. Once perhaps your life depended upon the love of a certain other for you, and now the importance of love from that person has faded. Now you may even wonder what made you feel the way you did. You shrug your shoulders. The importance you attributed was dependent upon one illusion or another, the main illusion, perhaps, that you were in need. You were not in need. It certainly seemed so, yet it came down to your need of illusion.

What If You Could?

God said:

What if you could remove the word they from your vocabulary? Then from whom would you be separated? You would not see anyone sitting across from you as opposite to you, and you would not be opposed to anyone's existence. No longer would you ever feel infringed upon, for you would know that everyone is yourself and due all the love and honor in the world and Heaven that you deserve and that you may presently feel has been denied you or taken away from you. You would never feel lack again. You would understand everything and misunderstand nothing.

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