Christ, the Wayfarer

God said:

All the love that reaches you, no matter from what far corner, is from Me. All the wealth that reaches you comes from Me. All the air and sunshine you receive come from Me.

When you are blessed, it is I Who blesses you.

All blessings come from God.

All goodness.

All energy.

All strength.

All wisdom.

All love.

There is One Source, and there is One Giver.

And there is One Truth, and that is the Purity of Love.

In My realm, the opposite of blessing does not exist. When something occurs that is unwelcome to you, it does not mean you have been singled out. It does not mean you are guilty. Untoward acts towards you have nothing to do with you. Do not take them personally. That perception alone will raise you above the tawdry and mundane. When you do not take things personally, you are in the truth of events.

Not taking things personally does not mean that you pretend you do not feel hurt. It means you see things as they are. When someone around you is sparring in the dark, you may get hit, but it was their own sparring that caught you.

There is no gain in taking things personally.

When you do so, you are taking on someone else's fight.

Be not a fighter. Be not a victim. All in the world are wayfarers along a dusty road. You are a wayfarer.

Christ was a wayfarer. In his wayfaring, he saw love everywhere because he knew My love, and he let My love come from him. He saw even his persecutors with the eyes of love. He saw the world as a mother might see a child spilling ink. He saw the temporalness of the life around him, and it did not affect him. It touched his body, his life and events, but it did not touch him. He was not wobbly. He did not waver. He did not take on the world. He did not dance to its tune. He walked through it, and thousands followed him.

Christ did not contain the concept of retaliation. He saw no reason to hurt anyone.

Be you the same. The greater hurt is to yourself when another's ignorance makes you hostile.

You do not have to protect yourself. You do not have to defend. All you have to do is to love Me, and follow Me, and pick yourself up from the fray of the street.

Your body is where it is, located, limited, but that is not who you are. When you know the richness of who you are, you won't fight over a penny. When you know the richness of who you are, you will not glower. When you know the richness of who you are, you pick up your body, and you move on.

All of your life is the climbing of a ladder to Heaven. Don't stop. Keep climbing. Climbing means that you do not stay in the same spot. Move one leg after the other, and you are climbing. It is not a big thing. It is the next thing.

As you climb, others are heartened. They start to look up. They may not see Me coaching them, but they will see that you see Me and that a Great Light shows you the way. They then follow you who follows Me. They hope that you will lead them to Me. And you will. Your courage — which is really vision — will lift their hearts, and they will make their own climb.

When you try to carry others, you forget Me, and you both may fall from the weight of your own effort.

Put your dependence on Me, and put others' dependence on Me also, for that is truth. I am what you depend on, not another.

No one can see for you. No one can climb for you. But another's sight and another's vision can nourish and restore you so that you may climb another rung in the golden ladder.

Know that whatever kind of ladder you may think you climb, beneath the surface, it is a golden ladder that reaches to Heaven. And as you progress, the golden ladder becomes a golden ship on which you sail to the farther reaches of a state of being called Heaven. That is where you are going because that is My Will and that is your destiny.


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