God said:

You see limited choices. You see that, in some cases, you have no choice. When you feel you have no choice, you feel frustrated. When you feel there is nothing you can do about a situation, you feel frustrated. But there are always choices. You always have choices. You have even chosen what you will feel frustrated about!

Choose otherwise. Choose to keep yourself intact with Me. Whatever is troubling you today will fade tomorrow. Your troubles always have. Sometimes you feel lost without something to be upset about. You like to keep your steam up. You think that, if you are not fighting, you will lose. Why, yes, you will lose something. You will lose your frustration.

What you lose or give up will be your frustration. Frustration comes from thwarted control of what is not yours to control, even though you think it is, even though you are sure it is, even though you are sure you are right, and that whatever else is going on is wrong.

Your judgment walks in like a triumphant hero. Or perhaps like a plodding elephant. Or like roaring thunder. In any case, it beats its drum. In any case, you make the drumming judgment a welcome visitor. You have been waiting for his arrival.

Your judgments in the relative world can only be false. No matter how perfect, no matter how justified, know that your judgments are false. You drew some threads together and left out others, so the garment of judgment you construct is faulty. Judgment is precluded on leaving some things out.

Judge your judgment. Cast it away. It is not the events of life that make you frustrated. It is your judgment of them. Withdraw judgment, and you withdraw your frustration.

When you judge, you obviously are not neutral. You are investing something instead of divesting yourself of something. Neutral means to keep your attention where it belongs rather than where it belongs not. Keep your eyes on what matters, and not on what is fleeting.

Unknot your frustration. You made it. You knotted it. Now disentangle it. You are holding on to something.

I do not judge you for that, but I suggest that you loosen your hold. You don't even really know what it is you are holding on to. Value something else that your attention has not been on.

Sometimes you are so busy weeding, that you forget what weeding is for. It is for a beautiful garden. Enjoy your beautiful garden more than you despise the weeds. The weeds are part of nature too. They have their purpose. They are not out to get you or your garden. They are just looking for the sun and nutrients the same as every other growing thing. They are trying to find their way up and come closer to that undefinable radiance they seek, just like you.

Look upon the people in your life as growing things. They are growing. They are completeness growing to recognize itself.

Any judging you do is misjudging. Certainly your judgment misses the point of life.

Dismiss the idea that you, others, or life has to be perfect in your eyes, for your eyes do not see well. Once you dismiss the demand for perfection, you will feel a surge of freedom. More truth of yourself will burst forth.

You can consider your judgments like clippers in the garden. When you judge, you snip. Snipping requires close attention. You have already been looking too close. Now it is for you to look further.

Rather than snipping, paint your eyes with the horizon. Absorb rather than clip. Let your eyes fall on what pleases them. Take your eyes off what displeases. When your eyes are on what pleases, they are off what displeases. There is enough that pleases to occupy you.

Where have you been looking?


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