Where Is Beauty Not?

God said:

Come on a walk with Me today. Not a strident walk, but a stroll, for We have all the nonexistent time in the world. Let's see what We see, and love it. How simple is that?

Love the energy that surrounds you. Love the slums and love the rich neighborhoods. Why not? Don't even make comparisons. Just love.

In all neighborhoods, courage is found. Kindness is found. Generosity is found. In all neighborhoods, you will see beauty. Cast your eye on it, and all that you like will multiply itself. Gaze upon that which you do not like, and you will see more of that too.

A Heart Full of Love

God said:

The Human heart is drawn to beauty. Beauty, love, joy are the food for the Human heart. It cannot thrive without them. It can survive without sensational drama and worldly accomplishment, but not without love. Love emanates to and fro the Human heart.

The Human heart doesn't need despair. It needs no restriction. Your Human heart desires love because your heart knows what it is for. Your heart, without interference from you, knows not hesitation. The Human heart is a thirsty horse who goes right to the well.

Scene II

God said:

Believe that you have a Self.

Believe that there is a core of you that is pure beyond what you have concluded. You are worthy of note. All the things about yourself that dismay you are nothing but camouflage. The things that dismay you about yourself are camouflage on top of camouflage. Remove it.

What Beauty Is

God said:

There is no need to puzzle over life. No need to investigate. No need to figure out how or why something happened. No need to discern and pronounce what did happen. Never mind the logical determinations. If you must discover, discover that which moves your heart to greater heights. Move into the arena of appreciation. Move into what is beautiful. Move into what touches your heart and not so much the logistics of your mind.

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