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"God did not just answer my personal question. He gave me a profound healing. With His words of the most profound wisdom, love, and understanding that I have ever heard or read, God helped me to see myself, my health, and my family in a new light. With this new understanding, my problems began to fade away, and, with it, many of my old fears."

Annette Bradley, California

Hi Gloria, thank you for God's words. You were correct: I did feel a response before I received God's answer. The sadness disappeared, and I experienced an acceptance of what is. While we still don't know the outcome, I know that all will work out as it does, whatever that is.

You know we lost a home many years ago and it didn't change anything except that our family grew closer. We still found joy in the simple things and everything really. Truly, we couldn't have been happier in those days and we had nothing except the most important thing of all...LOVE!

Before I received God's advice about my husband today, I was already doing what God told me to do. I am taking and will take the steps my husband would like me to take. And... up until yesterday, my husband hadn't asked me to take any steps! It truly is amazing to me that God's words matched the steps (although baby ones) I am taking. How does that work? Ahhh, the mystery. Quite intriguing. While God's words were a reality check and I found myself a bit surprised, I had to chuckle when He said I was a great dramatist.

I also noticed a change in my husband and his outlook. His drama has changed as well. He is more optimistic in that he was allowing our situation to open up new possibilities for us. He hasn't taken that track up until the last two days after I had poured out my heart to God. So both of us remain open, and we are both taking steps in a new direction. We are both more accepting of what is. I may not have articulated all of this as well as I could have. But my hope is you will get the gist of the message. God has helped our family.

I am blessed because, not only did I receive God's answer to my question today, I also received today's Heavenletter which brought tears of understanding.

Carol, United States

God always answers

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Here is an unforgettable example of a heartfelt question to God and God’s answer. It is not a small thing to ask a question of God and to receive His answer written directly to your heart.

A Personal Miracle in Italy

Loretta asks God about her twenty-three year old son who has not left his room in three years.

March 3, 2007 Loretta to God

My Lord,

We are One, but there are times when I cannot accept this great truth and I feel alone, with all the weight of life on my fragile shoulders. I am on the path to Home, but every now and then I get lost and it's all dark around me. I can help others, but I beg You, my Lord, to help this little soul of yours, who's afraid of everything, afraid of not being able to make it.

I would like to find an economic and emotional security to be able to face this life with my son who hasn't gone out of home for three years, because of a deep depression. I'd like to see the light again, in order to be able to walk along in this world full of traps.

I cry in my heart and I'm here in front of You, so that you can place Your hand on my head and give me the power and the energy I need to overcome the obstacles in front of me. Please, oh my Lord, I've been suffering for many years now. Please, help me put an end to this suffering.

I love you with all my heart.

Your little Loretta

March 6, 2007

God to Loretta:

My most beloved child, you are not piccola. You are great. Know the greatness of being My child and how grand you personally are. In this, you honor Me. You do this for Me, for the world, and for yourself. Let your thoughts expand the universe. Let your thoughts break through all barriers. Let not your thoughts be barriers. Consider that you hold the whole universe within you. You are pregnant with the universe. It is all contained within you, as I am contained within you.

Beautiful Loretta, the world sees your situation in one way, and I see it another. You have adapted the world’s way of thinking. According to the world, anything that does not fit the usual standards is wrong, and everything that fits the usual standards is right.

I do not diminish the depth and extent of your hurt and the strain you feel and the situation that is yours. Not at all, dear one. At the same time, what if instead of seeing this as terrible, you could see it as a blessing? Can you, even for a moment, see that you are privileged regardless of what the world would say?

One thing We do know for sure is that there is blessing within this situation.

Take the pressure off yourself and your beloved son. Let it be all right. Relieve yourself of the tension for a while. Let go of the idea that this situation must change and that you must change it. The situation can stay the same and yet not be such a weight on your shoulders. Give yourself a vacation from the anguish. Turn the lights on. Will you do that for Me?

How you feel is important. Begin to feel that perhaps there is not a right or wrong.

Sometimes, when you let go of the direness, when you just let go and not hold on so tight, sometimes then, change can occur. It does not have to occur. It’s just that you give it space to occur.

Let go of the idea that there are traps everywhere or anywhere. Adapt the idea that you are surrounded with blessings. Gravitate to the idea that the world is a safe place for you and for your son. Gravitate to the idea that you have no obstacles. Why would such a beautiful soul as you see obstacles? Look for and see the blessings instead. Feel abundant, and you will attract more abundance to you. Beloved, you can look at a fence, and you can see the bars of it, or you can see the space between that leads to great horizons. Keep your eye on the spaces between. Will you do that for Me?

Be as loving and caring to your son as always and know that he is responsible for himself. He has all the capability that you do. Be there for him with your love at the same time as you free him. He has the choice of his own life.

Continue to see him happy and freed of the restrictions he has put upon himself. There is no situation that cannot change. Let not your freedom and happiness be dependent upon your son. That is too great a burden for him.

Maintain your love and set yourselves both free.

Do that which gives you happiness, beloved Loretta. You are meant for happiness.

If you do not have available all the big things now for your happiness, then take the little things. Take many of them. Take all of them. Cook meals fit for a king. Indulge yourself. Make happiness. Do not face life. Greet it as a friend. Be soft. Be vulnerable. Do not grit your teeth nor make your hands fists. Release the tension. You are entitled to joy and ease. Give it to yourself now.

I am heaping blessings upon you and your son now. I shall enrich your lives, and you are ready to receive. You will see.

Do you begin to see differently now?

You and your son are blessed. Now, bless yourselves.

I AM, with love, God in Heaven and on Earth, and you are My beautiful child. Is that agreed? Stand in My light.

In your mind, walk your son to the rim of a spotlight of My light. He can enter the light as he wishes. That is up to him. Leave him gently there. Now you throw a kiss to your son, and you enter your own spotlight of love and light from Me, and you walk right into the center of it, and know you are always there with My light shining brightly on you.

June 7, 2007 Loretta wrote:

Do you remember my letter to God?

Well, I listened to HIS WORDS, and I did what He told me to do: MY SON IS FEELING FINE!

Think about it, after having been closed in his room for three years, without even going out on the balcony, two weeks ago he entered my room and said: “Mum, I am reborn!"

And everything has changed since then. He goes out with his friends, he laughs, he's happy, and every day he conquers more of the space he'd left empty and still. Everything moves in a whirl of colors, everything is full of light and love.

I am happy, and I wanted to share my joy with you.

I love you so much,


The same day, Loretta wrote:

It would be a wonderful thing if someone could receive help from reading about the miracle I received. Just the thought of it overwhelms me!!! You can publish all that you wish, beginning with the first letter, and if you wish you can put my name on it. If it's not anonymous, people can have major inspiration from it. Anyway, I trust you will do the best you can. My son, Egmont Riccardo, is getting better and better. I'd like so much to attend a Godwriting seminar of yours. Should you come to Italy, let me know and I'll run to listen to you, to listen to the wonderful words God sends us through you. I love you so much.


Translations through the courtesy of Paula Launonen, Heaven's Italian translator angel.

We are always looking for more Volunteer translators in every language.

Here are three questions that real people asked

Jon - Help my marriage
Anneese - I don't have control over what a judge is going to decide...
Diane - What do I do? My child died.

Jon to God:

Dear God, there is one area of my life where my heart feels a lack of Your fullness, and I want so much to have this area be the fullest expression of love. It has to do with my marriage.

My wife and I love each other very much. My problem, and I admit it is my problem, is that I have an aversion to conflict. Everyday my wife finds many ways to push that button in me. She nags, complains, gets uptight and angry, and tries to control my daughter and me by constantly telling us what to do.

When this happens, I find my heart shutting down. I know I can't change or fix her, and I realize I need to have patience and acceptance. My heart silently cries when I feel this separateness from her. My question to You, God, is how do I best handle this situation?

I want to be more patient, loving, compassionate, understanding and accepting when these conflicts happen. I surrender my heart and this situation to You and ask for Your Wisdom and Guidance.

With all my heart and love, Jon

Anneese to God:

Dear God, there was a preliminary court hearing yesterday that went very badly for me. The court said the prenuptial agreement MAY be invalid, which, in any case, means I now have to turn over my financial records to this man and his attorney, and they will put together their claims.

God, how do I prepare myself for others' deciding things that deeply affect my life, like the outcome of this court case? How do I work at turning it all over to You, and what parts do I need to handle?

I am truly asking for the highest good of all. It may be hard to live with, though. I have been too angry for too long. I know I need to be rid of this.

Thank You and love, Anneese

Diane to God:

Dear God, as You know, my three-year old Molly, who was born with great health problems, had been congested for three days. Last night I became concerned about what to do, but her illness was similar to other times when doctors had little to offer.

Early in the morning, however, she was having trouble breathing, and I rushed her to the emergency room. As You know, at about four this morning, the Sunday before Thanksgiving, Molly died.

I used to call her Angel, and now she is really my angel.

I know my little girl is in Your care and that you are taking care of her. I know that she is in Heaven with You, and I am grateful to You for the time she spent with us.

Although I can say it was her time to go, I cannot help wondering, dear God, if we had taken her to the hospital sooner, would it have made a difference?

She has left a big space in our family's life. What do we do now? What do I do now? Cry, I know, until we don't have to anymore.

Thank You for Your love and for taking care of Molly.
Love, Diane

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