acceptance of divine love

Love Established in Being

God said:

How beautiful is a heart knowingly entwined with Mine! Your heart is already entwined with Mine, so you might as well know it. Is there something else you should know that has precedence over that? Is there something else that can elevate you anywhere near the height that that one realization can? Your heart and My heart are entwined. Our hearts hold hands, as it were. We are not separated even one quarter of an inch.

A Father and Child Talk

God said:

You are banners that I have displayed all over the world. You come in all the colors of light. Actually, you are neon lights I have wired across the known and unknown universes. You are the true Christmas lights that light up the world and proclaim My Name. You are the stars on Earth, and you are perpetual light. No key to wind. No batteries to replace. You, whoever you think you are, and wherever you think you are, are My Light emblazoned on Earth. Your light beacons across the seas of stars and galaxies you cannot even see or fathom. Your influence is vaster that you can conceive.

Longing for Love

God said:

Sometimes your heart drowns in its longing for love. Longing replaced the love. Now replace the longing with love itself. Let your heart soar in love. From this day forward, speak in the silent language of love, and your heart will fill itself and overflow all boundaries.

Previously, you relegated your love to the corners. You made your heart go to its room and stay there, as if it needed to learn how to behave, when all it needed was to be allowed to love with all its might. You, only you, have withheld love from your heart. You alone denied the love in your heart.

You Are on a Treasure Hunt

God said:

Remember My promise to shower blessings upon you. When it rains, remember this pledge I make to you. When the sun shines, remember My vow to you. Let everything be a reminder to you. Think of Me. Remember Me and the blessings I will inevitably pour upon you. Know this. Know this more than you know anything else.

Early Faith

God said:

You are learning to trust. Trusting is greater confidence in your own heart. It is not something out there that you have to trust in, but your own self and the Great God within.

Your life is built on trust. You put one foot down and trust that the other will follow. You put a flower in the sun and water it and trust it will grow. When you go to bed at night, you trust that you will wake up.

What Can Disconcert You?

God said:

You equate coming to peace in life with coming to peace with loss and death, the main issues you consider important.

What coming to peace with life really means is coming to terms with the unholy concept that life will not always go according to your will. When you come to terms with that and the little impish things in life, you will be at peace. The larger matters will then take care of themselves.

God's Endowment

God said:

You have made anchors in your life. Certain people and traditions and organizations are your anchors. Yes, they anchor you to earth. But you do not need anchors.

If you will, you can think of Me as an anchor, but that is a contradiction because anchors don't lift you to Heaven. Better to think of Me as a Lifter of Anchors.

Remember, it is not your love for another that is an anchor. Love is a freer. Attachment is an anchor. It is an anchor you make up. An anchor is something or someone you grab, push into the earth, and say it holds you there!

The Rays of the Moon

God said:

I have told you not to take things personally because it is your ego that makes things personal. It is your ego that singles you out. But now I will tell you that there are some things that are personal to you.

The rays of the moon enter your bedroom at night. They are meant personally for you.

The Sun's rays fall on you during the day.

Breezes blow on you.

These are personally for you.

Awareness of this personalness does not address your ego. It addresses truth. The love of the universe is precisely for you.

Open to God

God said:

You ask for wealth. You ask for health. You ask for ease. You ask for this and you ask for that. Now ask for Me. Ask for God. Now turn your attention to Me.

You are in the habit of saying to yourself throughout the day, "Now I want lunch. Now I want something to drink. Now I want a break."

Today throw in, "Now I want God."

You do want Me, don't you?

Oh, what that expression of wanting will put in motion! It is nothing but the truth, that you want Me and you want all that I bring. So say it. Say it to yourself. "I want God." See how that makes you feel. See what gifts that opens.

How to Make a Pie

God said:

Sometimes you think you have really achieved something when you contact Me, but you have done nothing. I contacted You. You picked up the phone. I was your allowance. You let Me in, which was no achievement on your part. It was no achievement at all. Letting Me in is nothing to be amazed at.

The wonder is that you don't let Me in more often, or all the time. You can be amazed at your restriction of your allowance of God. That is truly an accomplishment.

A blocker in football works hard blocking.

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