A Farmer of Life

God said:

What are hurt feelings? You worry about your own sensitivities, and you worry about others' as well. What can hurt feelings be but a mistake?

Caused by word or deed, or caused by imagination, isn't it a mistake to quarry your feelings into hurt? This is a waste of good feeling.

Of course, you never want to hurt someone's feelings. Be as compassionate and kind as you can be to others and to yourself. Yet you can't really take on others' burdens of hurt feelings. I understand you do.

The error is that you turn hurt feelings into reality. You say that little hurts are big. You say they are mighty. You say you are under their influence. I suggest that you live life more than in the little affronts to ego. We might as well call a spade a spade. Hurt feelings are ego-oriented, and you are to step beyond ego and any wisps or curls of it. Ego is nothing to make a fuss about. Free yourself from its thorns.

You are not to suffer hurts, yours or another's. Rather, adhere to good feelings. Transcend the barbs that pierce you. Let your focus be on something else. Give love without bowing to personal hurts.

It is easy to take affront, yet it is not a requirement. Do you know what taking affront is? It is living in the past. It is reliving the past, as if the past were true. The past is past, and Truth does not lie in it.

Do not keep reading over yesterday's newspaper. Come, start with a clean slate. This is not pretending anything. This is simply focus on good will rather than sad will or hurt will or angry will. Have some good will toward yourself, beloved. Hang on to nothing. Let go of everything.

Feelings are not the import of your life. There is more to life than your feelings. Hurt feelings are small. Nothing more than peeves.

You are stepping into a new world of other considerations. You are entering into another dimension where there is more to life than you have been used to. Small things can no longer occupy you, for you occupy a wider territory.

When a mosquito bites you, you do not let the bite become the focus of your life, not for an hour, not even for five minutes.. Hurt feelings are nothing but mosquito bites. They are not for you to take personally. You are far too important to be concerned with the unimportant.

Love is important, not hurts. Love yourself enough to get past hurt with ease.

You are to move forward in life.

Care about people but be not consumed by them. What other people think is not the end-all and be-all of your life. It is not even really your business. Pay homage to grace. Let shades of disgrace go. My grace is real.

The whole of your life cannot be spent in righting wrongs any more than the whole of your life can be in redecorating your home. Life does not always have to suit you. This is a big discovery. People do not always have to suit you. Let everyone suit himself.

Let your purpose be to suit more than yourself. Suit bigger than yourself. How about suiting Me? When I am with you, and you are with Me, are you not rising to greater heights?

As a farmer of life, given a choice, what crops would you choose to grow?


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