A Day Just for You

God said:

Give yourself a break today. Slumber late if that is to your liking. Hang around the house if this is what you would like. Cook up a storm. Or go on a picnic. Go to yard sales. Turn over and sleep again and get what is called all the rest you want. This is a day I bequeath to you as yours.

What do you want to do on this day that I give to you today? What do you want to make of it? You can make anything at all of it that you wish to make. Want to recline? Give it a whirl. This is your Day.

You may not be aware of what a good day-off can mean to you and all the other Onenesses that share this day with you. Regardless of how much a slug-a-bed you may be today, this day is in your best interest, and it is for you.

This day that is set aside for you is well-deserved. Choose your pace.

Be you in a cave or on Times Square in New York City, this is a day set aside for you. A day-off can be fast or slow. Today’s New Day, like a dollar, is yours to spend.

Find out who and where you are. How long has it been since you had a day off assigned to your relaxing?

Play hooky. Do not do today as the world says. Do not do as your conscience says. Do as you will. Erase today from the books. This is a hidden day. It is all yours. It is yours to abscond with. Take today, and run with it. Go into a cave with it or cavort on a beach with it. Go for a massage or get a pedicure. Or idle all day.

What matters today is that today be your chosen day today. Retreat to today or rush toward it, today is a day for you. Don’t miss this One Day for anything.

Soon enough, today will have used itself up before your very eyes.

Whatever kind of day it happens to be, it is your Day. It can only be yours. Let nothing spoil your day any day of the week.

It’s true that a day can seem to run off with you. Regardless, every day of your Life is a day of your Life. It flies away with you. It is a day you may forget that blends into every other day, or it is a day or a moment of a day that you Hold High in Your Heart. Your heart beats for you. It beats for all. You can’t call today someone else’s day though, can you, when it is yours?

Today is a day you breathe in and breathe out.

The Sun shines for you. Be you in a prison in the tombs, still the sun shines for you.

Today is yours. It is everyone’s day as well, yet, it is yours.

How many days can there be that you can name as yours? As many days as there are. All of them.

A famed poet* said: “Let me count the ways.” She meant the ways to count Love. She is saying what I say: “Make this day count.”

Yet days are uncountable. Where do days begin from, and where do they end? In Truth, your Life, your days, your Being never ends, nor is your Whole Story told in a leaf of what is called One Day except as you may think so.

Your Life is always ongoing. You live in Eternity. That’s where you are. Beloveds, you inhabit My Heart, and you live a dream that you call yours.

*Elizabeth Barrett Browning