your willingness

Are You Willing?

God said:

You are growing in your consciousness all the time. This is inevitable. Consciousness is awareness. You are always gaining awareness of something. Awareness of what lightens you, and awareness of what does not. In that sense, we could say that life prods you.

We could also say that life is an invitation, that it holds many invitations, and you cannot accept them all. And so you choose.

Willingness for God's Will

God said:

The opposite of flow is conflict. Something is blocked. You are of two minds or directions. There is confusion.

Now, sometimes confusion is good. Going on just as you have been may not be flow. It may just be momentum, energy of the past, and you are following old footsteps marked down for you that have been easy and mindless to follow. Sometimes your direction wants to change, and you are lazy or fearful and feel your unrecognized conflict as a headache.

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