Your Thoughts

God said:

Here is a thought that you are ready to change: "Into each life a little rain must fall." Have you not believed that? Why do you believe that? Why must you believe that? What reason justifies that kind of thinking on the part of a child of God?

If rain does fall, you do not have to protest it or bemoan it, but why conjure the thought of it ahead of time? Why be a so-called realist whom life can prove right? Why continue to be a small thinker who predicts the past? Why not be a big thinker whom life can also prove right? Or, why prove anything at all? Better to just live life.

There are other songs in life that you can hum: "Everything is going my way" is one. Now, that can be heard on more than one level. The truth is that everything is going the way you think, but not necessarily the way you want. You have been living your way. You have been predicting your way. Perhaps you now want to elevate your way. To do that, find new ways of looking at things. Change your thoughts.

You have great purpose in life. Your life is not small. It is not infinitesimal. It is not a fraction. It is not a portion. Your life is life itself. It is not for later, and it is not for what has been. It is for now. What are you presupposing for now?

Come, wade in the water. Do not plan it. Just know it is glorious. It is deep enough. And it cannot be too deep for one such as you.

Do not think that you need to learn to swim ahead of time. Do not think that you need any preparation at all. Do not think you need to prepare yourself for life as if girding yourself for battle.

Treat life as a friend you trust. Treat your life as you would Me. Treat life as a treat from a dear friend. Treat life like a wonderful surprise you are opening up. Treat life like a letter you open, knowing that it holds good news. Or treat life like a letter you are writing with a heart full of love.

Consider how you look at life, and then you will know how you treat it.

You have often considered how life is treating you. But life answers your invitations.

You have heard that you create your life, but you haven't believed it. You have thought you were life's bauble to be tossed here and there at an anonymous random whim. But your life is not random. You are making it.

The evaluation of your life is not in its touted successes. It is in your contentment. What are your thoughts about your life? Therein lies the story of your life. Worry less about it. Contain more of it in your heart.

You have been waiting for life to appear, but life is here right now. This moment is life. It is yours.

When you read My words, you have moments of contentment. You feel yourself surging forth. You begin to rise to your own level. Keep rising. Don't stop. Absorb life the way you do My words. There is meaning here for you in every step of life on earth. There are messages, and there is Good Will.

It is not that you must get out of yourself in order to live life. Discover more of yourself. You have untapped resources. There is a lot more to you than you have let yourself see. You have more of yourself to see and more of yourself to express. Express yourself along the path of your life. Do not wait for life to find you or come to you. Do not wait for later. Commit to life now.