As You Set Out on Your Journey

God said:

There is nothing in the world that you need be dependent upon. There is no special amulet in the world. There is no lucky penny. There is nothing in the world that can make your being luckier than it already is.

But you do not need luck. Do not mistake luck in the world as a token of My love. Do not think that there is some outer manifestation of My love that you must have in order to be aware of My love. You are filled with My love. Take yourself as your own lucky charm. And take Me.

You will never leave Me behind. You will never be without Me. True, I can be out of your awareness. You may forget you carry Me with you, but I will never forget where I am. I will never forget who carries Me around on earth. My child carries Me around on earth.

You cannot lose Me. You cannot lose the power I give you. You may forget it for a moment, but that does not mean that you can be without My love for even a fraction of a moment. All My love is yours. You have all My love no matter where you are or what you think. Your thoughts are such little intrusions upon Our love. Your thoughts fall off, but I do not, and Our love stays.

Life is not a gamble. It is a sure thing. You need no magic formula in order to win. You have already won life. Who won it if not you? Whose life is it if not yours? And it is yours to do with as you will. You have your life for the asking. You asked for it. You asked to be alive and viable on earth at this time, and so you are. You have already won the prize. You have it. Your life is yours.

What you do with it is also yours. That privilege came along with you. It is called free will. Your free will is an offering I gave you. It is the change I put in your pocket as you set out on your journey. It was a free pass that would allow you to enter any domain you choose, or any ride, or any road, or any thing. You can even retrace your steps if you so will.

Your destination is secure. You have elected to return Home. It was no decision for you to make, for who would not choose to return to the full consciousness of My arms of love?

Even when you think I do not exist in your present life, you have not forgotten Our reunion. You seek it every day.

When you feel lonely, or unfulfilled, you can know that you are wanting the fullness you have with Me. You think there is a token of Me that you seek in the world, but it is I Myself that you long for.

You also feel My longing for you, and that is almost unbearable for you, to think for even one moment that I could be without you, for you do know in your deepest heart what you mean to Me.

But, of course, I cannot be bereft because I have knowledge of the truth. I am never bereft. Rest assure your heart on that. And you feel bereft only to the extent that you think you are. You are never bereft; only you sometimes think you are. And as you think, so you have.

Any inconsolable feeling comes from an incorrect assessment. You have looked or thought awry. You took a fragment of life as though that were the whole contents of it. You looked in such a tiny place, in such a tiny direction, and you forgot where everything comes from and you forgot how great-directioned you are.

You are more than many-directioned. You are direction itself. You are vastness unencumbered. You are vaster than the greatest vastness you can imagine. You cannot imagine enough. You are greater than your present thoughts, and so, you must have new ones.