Your Specific Purpose Will Find You

God said:

The first day of winter is a harbinger of spring. The Earth already readies itself for the great blossoming that is beginning its budding now. The snow covers the Earth and keeps it warm. The cold snow keeps the Earth warm. Everything is a blessing. Snow is a blessing. Cold is a blessing. If there were not cold, how would there be snow to blanket the Earth?

The same snow that warms the Earth also cools it. Snow associates itself with the temperature of the Earth. All adjustment is automatic. Snow doesn’t have to be told what to do. Earth doesn’t have to be told what to do. Snow does not have to decide when to melt, nor does it resist it. In this way, melting snow resembles your open heart.

Nature has its purpose well defined. It keeps everything in balance and harmony. This is natural. Nature does not ask for second opinions. And its purpose is the same as its joy. To fulfill purpose is a very wonderful thing. You, for instance, long to know your purpose, your specific purpose.

Beloveds, you already know clearly what is yours not to do. It is not for you to cause strife nor boost it. It is not for you to judge nor criticize. It is not for you to commandeer other people’s lives. It is not for you to be unhappy. It is not for you to drag your feet. It is not for you to resist change. It is not for you to force change either, not on yourselves nor others. Be like the seasons and merrily go along.

Your specific purpose will find you. You don’t have to rack your brains about it. Your divine purpose hovers as a step along the way. You are destined to fulfill your purpose. You do not have to know what your purpose is in order to fulfill it. You don’t have to know anything ahead of time. Simply be inclined to strew blessing after blessing wherever you find yourself. What blessing of sharing yourself can you bestow right now?

Perhaps you see life on Earth as a giant jigsaw puzzle, and you would like to complete it. You would like to have one last piece to place and one place only to put it. You would like life to be that bound. Yet relative life has its own perpetuity, and more and more ensues. The puzzle in its entirety is unfinished, yet each piece has its own completeness whether it is fitted in or remains to be fitted in.

Flow with life, beloveds, as oars propel a boat. The oars have some say on where the boat sails, yet the boat and oars must oblige the waves and the shores of the river. Oars perform their tasks. This is what they know to do. The oars are not concerned with the bend coming up. They are oars. In that sense, you are like oars that perform their own oblations. You do not have to know everything. You do not have to wait until you know your destination before you start moving. Like oars, be happy doing what you do. Oars know they row somewhere. They cannot row and stay still at the same time. Nor can you.

You are far more than an oar. You are the Human Being who propels the oars, makes the motions over and over again. All the while, you and your arms, like oars, are instrumental in rowing the ship of life. Do what is before you to do, and do it happily.