Your Relationship to the World

God said:

You are coming into your own.

You are owning up to who you are.

You are stepping up.

It is your call.

You are seizing life by the collar.

You are shaking it, and letting it know who you are. Until now, you had been leaving it up to the world to say who you were. You were waiting for the world to discover you when it is you who is to announce yourself to the world. The world is not going to find you. It will not even look for you. You have to step right up and make room for yourself.

Do not wait for the world to usher you in, or you may wait a long time. Take your own seat. Go up front. You need wait for no man.

Don't wait for someone else to get you started. It is your finger that must push the button that says On. You are self-motivating and self-operating.

Today you rise to the occasion. And if the occasion is a pitfall, you surmount it.

You are the mountain you climb. There is nothing you have to surmount but your wayward self.

You have been dallying. Have you not been putting off life? Have you not set it aside, and made days something to go through and get out of? Have you not withheld yourself from staring life in the eye?

Have you circled life and hesitated to step in?

A trailblazer walks. A trailblazer cannot blaze the same trail twice, or he is not a trailblazer. You are a trailblazer.

You beat the drums for the world. You are the beat it goes by. You are its lodestar.

You may have thought you could hide in the world, and, yes, you can hide from it. You can hide from it your whole lifelong, but yourself you cannot hide from, or not for very long. There is a lovely impulse within you that insists on coming forth. Do not paddle it back. Let it out.

When you pop your head up into the world, you reveal yourself. You are your own revelation. You are your own light that you are to see.

You have self-determination. You are not a will o' the wisp. Winds may blow, but they do not blow you away. You are still here, aren't you?

Breezes may soothe you. A storm may make you come out and, once and for all, stand strong in your own presence in the light issued from Heaven.

You are not a wayfarer, and you are not an innkeeper.

You do not hold, and you do not withhold.

You roll across the horizon. You turn yourself upside-down and inside out. You come out of yourself, and you turn the world around. You spin the world on your finger, and it lands where you say. You do not carry the world on your shoulders. The world is not the perpetrator of you. You are the perpetrator of it. Perpetrate it then.

The world does not make you. You make it.

You make your life what it is. A portion of clay is handed to you, and you mold it as you like. Your life is up to no one but you — well, and Me, of course. But I am always urging you on. I cheer you. No matter in what form your support comes, it comes from Me. Know this.

Behold yourself today. Denounce yourself no longer. Stand upright. Come into My light. Be the first to proclaim it. Revel in it. Stand tall in it. You are not the self you thought you were. You are beholden to no man, and you are beholden to no image of you but the one I have, the true image of you, for you were made in My image, a bright light for the world. You were cast on earth to emblazon My light once and for all.