Your Purpose in Life

God said:

I am the God of your fathers, and I am your God now. I am not somebody else's. I am everyone's. And that includes you.

The right to Me that anyone has, you have. I am right, not mere privilege. I am an endowment to you. I am not a tip for good service. I am your inheritance.

When you create as an artist, you put something of yourself in your creation, and you leave yourself there within it. Your art cannot be separated from yourself. You cannot be extricated from it. You cannot be withdrawn. You are in your painting.

And I am the Artist Who created you, and no more could I create you and leave Myself out than could any true artist on earth omit himself from his work. I am involved in you. My hand rests on you still.

I did not create you with My left hand with My attention somewhere else. I put all of Myself into My art, and you are evidence of it. My hand sculpted you into a Human form, and My imprint is there.

I did not create you according to whim at a particular moment. I did not pull you out of the thin air. I created you with My full heart and awareness.

I saw you were needed on earth. I saw no one high. I saw no one low. I saw work to be done. I saw projects to be worked on, and I sent you, each and everyone of you, as My messenger. You had different jobs to do, but you are each formed from My colors. I mixed certain colors of thoughts, and then you appeared on the canvas called earth. I assigned you to bless the earth and all its inhabitants for Me.

Do not excuse yourself from your appointed tasks. They are not tasks. They are your fulfillment. In each movement of your arms, you are representing Me. Now you can remember that that is so. You may not hear the exact beckoning I whispered to you, but you can right now remember that I did whisper your name and all it contained.

You have appeared before Me. You are not an unknown. Nor am I. We are the factors of your life. I am what you are made of. Nothing less than I are you.

But you have believed lesser things. You have bought into thoughts that were set before you by those who forgot their origin.

But now you are responsible. No one else. Right this moment you can be all you have set out to be. No matter where you are, what you have done, whatever tangents you have been on, right now you can reveal what you set out to be and do when you took on this Human form. You came ahead of your memory.

Every particle of this universe you live in is important. Every particle serves its purpose. You know that trees give you oxygen, and you give them their breath. You know that the universe inhales and exhales. You know that the tiniest creature has a mission in the universe, and that it fulfills the direction I have given it.

Do you think that I would give you less than I give a miniscule creature that you cannot even see?

Do you think that your purpose on earth can only be to hang out for a while? To get through it? To come in unnoticed and leave the same?

Leave your mark on earth. Let it be known that you are here. You may not remember the exact service you agreed to give, but you can start finding out. Actually, you have many services to perform, not just one, but not one of your purposes is to just fill up space.

Remember Who created you. Begin to remember what for.