Your Place with God

God said:

It is never enough to do something for yourself alone. It is not satisfying to you, or satisfying for long. It is easier to do for other people, and yet that is not enough either. After a while, the thrill wanes, and you are left with chores, and the joy has fled. Work becomes humdrum. That is one reason why you seek newness. Better to seek Me.

Whatever you do, do it with Me in mind. When you do for Me, you will feel fruitful rather than fruitless. This is a simple way to keep awareness of Me with you.

Today, when you dress, consider that you dress for Me. Desire to dress for Me, not merely to throw on clothes. Today, when you cook, consider you cook for Me. You will cook with great love. Today, when you greet anyone on earth, consider you are greeting for Me. You will greet with great consciousness.

Offer your life to Me, and you will feel a grand sweep of energy. You will feel yourself lifted, and your life lighter.

It is not drudgery to do for Me. It is enlightenment.

If something becomes heavy for you, or hangs over you, you have been forgetting for Whom you do. If you think you apply for work on behest of the person on the other side of the desk, you shortchange yourself. If you think you serve another for your sake or their sake, you have cheated both of you. Serve another for My sake, and you are enriched.

What a formula this is! This is not regulation. It is Truth.

I gave you life, and you acknowledge it.

I gave you the sun and the moon and the stars, and now you simply tip your hat.

I peopled the earth, and you accept the sign I made over you.

I gave you grasslands and sentient beings to roam on it, and you to accept your stewardship.

This is not responsibility I give to you. This is reward I give to you. This is joy I give to you.

When something seems like a burden to you or too much for you, you have forgotten your place in the universe and you have forgotten the purpose of your life. It is not that you have become irresponsible; it is that you have become too responsible, as if you must carry your life and a limited extent of it all by yourself.

That would be too much. That would be too much for a single soul to carry.

Consider Me the blessing I sent you so that you would never weary, never be lonely, never be lost. Consider Me the blessing I sent to you who are My blessing.

Bless Me back with your life. Tiny acknowledgement of your Creator will encourage you tremendously. A little of Me goes a long way. I have gone as far as you.

And now you sweep your life across the universe. You swathe your little service across the universe, and you swathe it in recognition of Our relationship.

What do you think would happen to the created world when all acknowledge My presence, and all acknowledge their silent service to Me? That is recognition. What if everyone in the rocky world would recognize their place with Me, and therefore their place in the world?

You all occupy the same place. You are all a gift of Mine of equal value. There is only value I place on you. Accept the value I have put on you. I have not valued one higher, and another less. You all wear the same price tag. You come from the same Manufacturer, and you are of the same quality. If you have become ragtag, it is because you removed yourself from the rack. Put yourself back, and you will be renewed.

Join Me in My acceptance of you, and accept Me as a great ingredient in your life, an ingredient shared in Oneness. Make toasts to Me. Raise your glass to the Creator of all. Clink your glass with all of My Creation in silent tribute to Me. It is for your sake I ask this, but you must do it for Mine.