Your Heart's Wisdom

God said:

You already understand that the eyes and heart work together. The ears and the heart work together the same.

But the mind likes to mastermind. Do not think that the mind is bad. The mind has its illusions, that's all. Its intentions are good. But the mind is misguided in thinking it is supposed to guide you. The worthy mind has inflated its role of assessor. It has hypnotized itself. It remembers to pounce on error and neglects to support truth. It is heavy-handed. The mind wants to be smart, and that is its downfall. The mind judges while the heart seeks.

The heart is innocent, but the mind makes the mistake of being wise. It listens to itself more than it listens to your heart.

Your mind likes to say no. It likes that kind of authority. It has become an expert at saying no, and you have become an expert at allowing it. Encourage your mind to say yes. Encourage your mind to applaud your heart for the courage to recognize itself. Actually, your heart knows not of courage nor less than courage. It only knows itself. But sometimes it becomes quiet because the mind has stomped on it so much. Is this not true, that your mind has restricted your heart?

Your mind likes to make decisions for you based on fear of error. Your mind wants to have you come out as a victor all the time, whereas your heart wants to live. The mind thinks that the heart doesn't know anything, and so the mind questions your heart.

Listen more to those impulses of your heart. Your heart will say yes to you much more often than it says no, but the heart also knows how to say no. The tug-of-war between your mind and heart has to stop. Still your overactive mind so that you can hear your heart.

Your heart does not look to be popular or right. Your heart looks to answer itself. It looks for truth. Your heart has a certain radar while the mind makes objections based on logic. Logic is most often past impressions, so the mind tries to keep you safe, free from error.

Erase the concept error from your mind.

There is no error. Oddly enough, if the concept of error did not exist, you would listen to your heart more, and you would make fewer errors. But errors are not fatal. They are only choices that you look back upon and might do otherwise.

How you sometimes yearn for old choices to come back. Back then, you listened to the facts of your mind and hesitated to follow the truth of your heart. When you look back and try to rechart the course of your life and imagine the outcomes had you chosen differently, your mind is poking you once again. It tells you that maybe you had not been so wise to listen to it. The mind even taunts you with that. The mind has regrets while the innocent heart has yearning to know itself, but it also would like to please the mind.

The past cannot be undone. The past is shoveled snow.

Now is now.

You will never know, had you not taken the path you did and gone another way, whether you would be in the same place now or not. You do not know where other turns might have taken you. Probably you don't know where you are now. But, never mind. Whatever turns you have taken, you have new roads before you now.

Listen to the beat of your heart and move forward. Don't try to go back. Don't go from side to side. Go forward. Go high. The mind wants to keep you in place, but your direction is forward.

You ask the wrong question when you ask, What is wise? The question to ask is, What is true? The question is not even, What is right, or What is good? The question is always, What is truth?

All your sorting and naming of things is an attempt to know what is true.

The stillness of your heart will tell you truth.

When you are not in your truth, you are in denial. Denial tries to pretend truth away. It wants to cover up truth, at least for a time.

But you do not need to get ready for truth. You don't need to prepare for it. You certainly don't need to deny it.

Your denial does not alter truth.

So often you think of truth as something bad you are finding out. Look at truth another way. Look at it as the end of denial. You have denied yourself, and now you will honor yourself as I do honor you.