Your Heart Knows the Unknown

God said:

I favor the heart whereas the world has favored the mind. I don’t disfavor the mind. The only thing is that the intellect generally tends to be seen as smarter than the heart.

Sometimes I see the mind as a saber or scimitar that slices through life right and left. Or I see the mind as a knife that shaves off the meat of the heart, whittles it down to the bone, as if the heart is too fat and needs to be trimmed down. The mind seems to like to think that the heart is a ruffian, wild and uncouth, more like an unruly teen-ager who feeds on emotion.

The modern mind has too often played down the heart as if the heart doesn’t know better or doesn't know anything at all.

Consider that the mind makes up its mind. The thing is that the mind knows only its own reasoning. The prudent mind knows limits and the past and what is already known. The mind sees the heart as rudderless. The mind overlooks that the heart is an ace when it comes to the Unknown.

We could say that the mind uses numbers while the heart uses feelings. The mind explains. The heart listens. The mind is filled with many thoughts. The heart looks beneath the surface. The heart surprises itself.

Make room for the heart. The heart has been given a reputation as unthinking, uneducated. Hello, the heart is an adventurer.

The mind has been a refuter. The mind readily says No. The mind is propped up by applause while the world too often tends to put down the heart and tell it to be quiet.

Probably what you call mistakes are fairly equal for the mind and the heart. The only thing is the heart tends to be humbler. The heart sees as a heart sees while the mind discerns as a mind. The mind likes to plan. The heart likes to go down a chosen path and find out where it leads.

The mind tends to close itself. It has clear limits. The mind is like an accountant – no offense to accountants. It’s just that accountants have a certain kind of measuring job to do. The mind’s purpose of necessity has borders around it. The mind likes to be structured and to corral itself. A good mind is like that. A routine mind, however, is considered a good mind.

In the world, the mind has cautioned the heart to stick to the straight and narrow, take the middle road, play it safe. The heart’s way is to go out and see, to find out what is around the corner. The heart wants to find out for itself.

Of course, there is not really one way for the mind to think. The human mind can also explore. Fine minds have taken off for unmapped territory and triumphed.

Neither the mind nor the heart has to be one way or another. A smart mind can break boundaries. Minds are not always 100% right no matter who says they are.

For hearts, the consideration is not really about right or wrong. It is about adventure. The only way to know that someone is your true love is to find out. Your true love cannot be calculated ahead of time.

Mind and heart cannot always go hand in hand. Both have value, yet one cannot be squared off against the other.

Let Us have freedom for both mind and heart.