You Work for God

God said:

In all you do, remember that you act for Me.

When you do even the daily routine acts with Me in mind, you rise above them. It is no secret that you wish to rise above your repeated daily lives, and I am telling you how to do that.

Consider Me the lodestar that you are following. You follow Me as the bridesmaid lifting up the bride's train follows the bride. She follows in the wake.

Holding up a piece of cloth of itself, silk or cotton, would not be happiness for you, but holding cloth up for a purpose larger than the act itself makes it easy, and from easy comes happiness. Surely you don't think that happiness comes from obstacles?

Whenever you get flustered, or before you do, remember the Lover Who is looking at you, waiting for you on the sidelines (or the mainstream), the One Who appreciates your every move, Who appreciates your willingness to do for Him as much or more than your actual performance. My eye is on you, and not so much on the excellence of your accomplishment. So keep your eye on Me.

Keep Me in mind, and all work goes more smoothly, for I am your Resource, and you are smoother when you keep Me in mind. Much is accomplished behind the scenes when you and I pull the cart together.

Your attention on Me does not distract you from the job at hand. Thinking of Me is like calling in an unseen crew who gets everything into place for you, the way a magic elf spins silk for a princess while she sleeps.

I am a resting place, but I do not sleep. I have no need for sleep. I survey day and night. Of course, there is no day nor night for Me. All there is for Me is love, and that is My medium. My love gets your work done for you. It gets your focus straight. My love pours light upon you. Your fingers become nimble. What is there that you and I cannot accomplish together?

Let Me carry the heavier weight. For Me, there is no weight at all. I know not of burden. I know of love, and I know of purpose. And I know your purpose is to serve Me. I am not vain when I say that. I am giving you the Key to the Kingdom when I say that. Accept your serving Me as a knightship I bestow upon you, for it is My blessing to you.

How would you feel if you thought you could not serve Me? You would feel insignificant, and everything else in the world would become bigger than you.

And have you not thought that there is nothing you can do for Me, so you already know how that feels. The name for that feeling is loneliness. The name is purposeless. The name is lostness.

You find your path through service to Me. Wash your dishes as a gift to Me, and you will feel purposeful. Do all you do with Me in mind. See what alacrity accrues to you.

Consider that I am your employer who has sent you to earth to run errands. When you run errands for Me, your feet become like quicksilver. If you were to forget Whose messages you were dropping off, your feet would drag.

Of yourself, you accomplish little. You run circles in a small cramped space. And every once in a while, you lift your head up and wonder what you are there for and what you are doing in that fruitless space.

Wonder no longer. You are not in a cramped space. You are in a vast universe, and you are here for Me. Whatever your task, it is for Me. Keep the bigger picture in mind, and the whole universe will be in service to you for it will know that you work for Me and that it is there to serve you on My behalf.