You Will Be Like a Dolphin

God said:

You are Supreme Beings I hold in the Quiver of My Heart. You fill My heart to the brim. Goodness, Godness, and Peace are for you. To you, all good things are on their way. This is an Absolute. There is no getting around it. You are in My Care.

In one sense, no one is special in My heart. In another sense, everyone is totally special in My heart. There is no way around it, beloveds. I hold you securely in My arms. I hold you close to Me. Have trust in Me, you, whom I hold in trust.

If you could see the Source of Everything, you would be securely happy. You would know your worth, and you would know My recognition of your worth. You would know what you mean to Me and how nothing can harm you, the You of You. This is straight across the board, no exceptions.

Sure, one little hair on your head can be hurt. That is what you see as horrific amounts to. The physical that is so overwhelmingly important to you can be dented or whisked away, yet you are intact and Immortal. There is no undoing that which I have created, do you understand Me?

Recline into your understanding of Me. Your safety is assured. All your worries are for naught. You pant and get out of breath because of what you imagine to be true that never was true and can never be true. You cannot be wasted. Your life cannot be wasted. It is all good, only what you cannot hold onto, you cannot hold onto. Even temporariness is not wasted. Life on Earth is not wasted. Ah, all the intricacies of life that you may not fully grasp the value of, nevertheless, are of value. I value you beyond anything you can think of.

There is a certain angle you take on life, and it's not so easy for you to increase the angle you see from. One day you will see, and you will see, instead of how fraught you were or thought you were or are, you will see that you are goodness and always were.

The same is true for life. Life is good. The existence of life is good. Dear Ones, you keep looking for the Holy Grail when the Holy Grail is firmly embedded within you. A subtleness of Me is imparted to you and permanently stored and starred within you.

You may have looked askance on Earth. That you did not see the glories before you doesn’t mean anything more than that you didn't see the glories right in front of you. You missed seeing by a mile. You saw awry. You saw what wasn't there, and you didn't see what was blazing before you.

There comes a time, soon or late, where you see life and your life as golden orbs of light. You were always be-lighted and My Beloved Anointed One. There is nothing beyond My Light, and My Light is Everywhere, only you didn't quite see. You blinked, or tears clouded your vision.

There are no mysteries, or, the only mystery is that you don't see all that I placed before you. I have strewn love and all kinds of jewels before you. You step over them or around them and simply don't see them. You see other things like fear and assorted dangers and damages. You see one way and not another. You may see clearly that which is not there and glance over what truly is before you, and you call yourself smart.

Yet, you do have glimpses of the Sun between the clouds. Even then, you may refuse to accept the glory you glimpse. You call illusion Reality, and you call Truth an aberrant illusion. You may be mixed-up now, yet you will see clearly sooner than you believe. You will not stay in the dark. You will throw off the blinders of your own volition. You will remove the glasses that block the Sun, and then you will see how simple life is and has always been. You will be like a dolphin leaping up from the water of before.