You Are an Immortal Being

God said:

Who said that life had to be smooth? Who said that the waters must never be rippled? Who said that a boat must not rock?

Know that whatever trouble comes to you, it is shaking you loose from something. Be not attached, and there will be nothing that needs to be shaken loose.

Life is not meant to be humdrum. It is meant to be an adventure. Be not afraid of it. Nor shake your fist at it.

You do not commandeer life. In terms of the relative, you rise above it. Rising above the effects of worldly life is rising to your true stature. Keep your feet in the world, but hold your head high. Look far and see greater than what is at your feet.

Looking just at your feet causes you to stumble. Besides, it is no fun.

Fun is an attitude towards life. It is not entertainment. Fun is your stance in the world. Are you Atlas carrying it, or are you a dancer? Be a dancer, and twirl. Move your feet lightly in the density of the world.

Be a winged Mercury in terms of the world. Be a benevolent deliverer of My messages. Deliver the truth of the world to itself. It knows not its truth. It knows only its bewilderment. Even a bewildered such as you can still deliver My messages. Cease sending your own.

Too often your messages are distraught and of fear. You do not need to send them. You think you are being honest to flail in troubles, but you keep yourself there. Jump out.

Bail yourself out from troubles. They are not your medium. Troubles are balloons you must pop. Sometimes you have had it backwards. You thought joy was effervescent.

Keep yourself close to Me. Not in fear, but in love. Think beyond yourself, for that is where the truth of you lies.

Be enamored with truth, not trouble.

Whatever disturbances, sail through them. They are only disturbances, and do not have to keep you from speeding ahead. Sometimes the seas are rough, and sometimes the seas are calm, but it is the same sea that you sail on, and so you sail.

You are pointed in the right direction. There is a magnet that pulls you aright. Whatever excursions or detours from your course you go on, you always bounce back to it. Your heart sails forward.

Even when your heart sinks, the boat does not.

Have you anchored your heart somewhere? Have you kept it down? Now let it loose. Like a kite, it will pull your eyes to Heaven.

Don't miss it.

Christ's feet tread the same ground you do. His heart was raised high. He walked the earth, and he lived in Heaven. His feet touched the ground, but his hands reached up to Heaven. He was not in the clouds. He was solidly in Heaven. He recognized Heaven's place in the world and his place in Heaven.

Where are the doldrums? They are beneath you. They are deep beneath your feet. And so when you look up, you are no longer in the doldrums. What are you looking at?

If you do not feel happy, then you are looking in the wrong place. Look higher. You are not blind to the doldrums. You don't pretend them away. You just don't stay there.

It is just as easy to rise as to sink. Sinking is an illusion. Rising is truth. Truth is stronger than illusion. It is truth that has substance. Density is not substantiated. Truth is.

And the truth is that you are a divine being. You are an immortal being. I made you so.