You Are a Representative of Infinity

God said:

Once upon a time you thought you were all alone. You thought you were a dot on the universe, situated separately from other dots, yet cloistered with them, and all — everyone — very much alone, stationed in a vast universe. Unconnected dots, dotting the earth, and you didn't know what you were doing here. You did not know why you were sentenced here, how long your term was, and what to do while serving your sentence. You grumbled and mumbled and stumbled along.

You went through motions. You did what everybody else did. You copied them, and they copied you, and you and all the dots forgot impulses. You knew only repetition.

Sometimes a spark of light would appear, and you would draw a deep breath. And then you were left bereft and, after a while, more dissatisfied, because you now sought meaning rather than ponderous steps.

You never suspected that you were the meaning. You never suspected that the earth was your field, and that you were meant to till it. You never suspected that all the other dots you copied and who copied you were representatives of you, unconnected only by illusion. You did not suspect that time and space were representative of infinity. You thought they were what you thought they were. And you thought you and the other dots were merely dice on an unnamed board-game. You didn't know you were the board and you were all the players upon it and you were also the point of the game.

You did not know you were the reason for being.

The world is weighted in your favor. You did not know that. You thought otherwise. You thought you were in a contest, and one you could not possibly win. Soon or late, you would be taken off the field, and soon or late, you would lose or sit on the bench. You didn't realize that you had been sitting on the bench all the while your name had been called to come out to play.

Now hear your name. It is I Who calls it. I call you to come to the mountain top so that the echo of your name may be heard across the universe.

I call you to recognize the universe, for it is yourself.

There is no contest. You are the dispatcher of the world to itself. You are winged Mercury. You are My messenger, and you are quick and fleet of foot. And you are quick and fleet of mind. And you are quick and fleet of heart.

You can sit where you are and disperse the whole universe to itself. You can tour the cosmos from where you sit.

You are not an isolated dot upon the face of the earth. All the dots are connected by My light, so all the dots are as one huge Sun lighted up so all may see as I do see.

And so you are the lighter of the world, and you are the light of the world, and you are My light rendered to dispel darkness. Darkness is only an illusion, so your purpose is to dispel illusion. You dispel illusion by emanating truth.

I have given you light, and it is yours to shine. When you shine My light invested in you, you automatically share it. My light cannot be unshared. And where My light is, darkness cannot venture. Look for My light within you so that you may announce it to the world that still believes in darkness. Don't just sit there, wondering what to do next. Get up, take the light that is within you, and let it out. Reveal yourself now, for that is how you reveal Me.