Wonders to Perform

God said:

You do not know what you are capable of. You have desired not to know. You do not want your present contribution interrupted. You fear to be tested in life, yet steel to become steel must be tempered.

Do not think of life as testing you. Think of it as tempering you.

Perhaps you are glass, and there is a glassblower blowing you into beautiful shapes and colors. Unmolten, you do not know what you can be. For you to be what you are capable of being, some alchemy must take place.

Yes, you are My perfect creation now as you are. Yes, you are beautiful as you are, and yet, you have not revealed yourself. If you are inspiration, then you must inspire. You must stir and be stirred. What have you been waiting for?

All the organic ingredients of a fine cake are not yet a fine cake until they are stirred and baked. All the ingredients put together, no matter how great their possibilities, until they are stirred, will not come out of the oven the cake they could be.

We could say life is the oven. We could say life is you in the hands of a master craftsman. You are the clay to be sculpted. But you are not passive clay. You are clay that offers itself. You jump up on the potter's wheel, ready to be spun, ready to be shaped and reshaped until all your original beauty is revealed. Clay is clay, and yet the versions that arise from it are many and mighty. Endless are the possibilities of you. Will you begin?

What if you volunteered for life today?

What if you opened an unopened door? Do you think you are the only one who would go through it?

What if you are so tiny you could pass through the eye of a needle?

What if you are a giant who could cover the Earth in one step?

What if you are capable of anything you imagine you are capable of?

My children are quick to think of all the untoward things they might be capable of. But now think of all the eminently marvelous things. What if you accept the possibility of what you are capable? What if you accept right now?

What if you stepped out on stage right this minute and gave the performance of your life? Only it is not a performance you give, but a song you sing that streams from your throat and envelops the world? Do you think that your song does not?

What would you like to be capable of?

Would you like to be peace?

Would you like to express love and love alone?

Would you like to cast love from the top of a mountain?

Would you like to swim the seas in one stroke?

Your mind has been capable of dross. It is also capable of the gold that your heart is filled with. Fill your mind with gold. It is time now for you to arise to the occasion of life. It is time now for you to dunk yourself in life.

What if you walked out of the water now a new born being on Earth? What if you christened yourself holy? What if your purpose has been whispered in your ear? What if you know you are an angel sent to Earth for wonders to perform? What if you are to tell no one but to show everyone?

What if your tour on Earth is to reveal yourself to yourself, would you not like that?