Who Cannot Be Right or Mistaken?

God said:

Because you think someone else, your son or daughter, for example, ought to do something the way you believe is right, no matter how sure you are, be cautious about taking over. To mention your view is one thing. What anyone else ought to or should do from your view is beside the point. Someone else’s life isn’t fair game to order around.

Of course, you are well-meaning. You believe you know better. You cannot know. You cannot know because you do not perceive the deeper waters. You don’t know all the connections and all the whys and wherefores. You may be confident. Even so, you are flying blind. You do not know and cannot know all the behind-the-scenes’ activity. You do not and cannot know another’s road in life no matter how convinced you are. You see as you see. What you see as disaster may not be. What you see as proper may bring misgivings. Be careful about taking over another’s life.

Would you really take total responsibility for another’s life? You do not know when or where a snake bite might befall. It is not for you to push another’s life around as though another’s life is your own baby carriage you have all the rights to.

Everyone in life is free to follow his own path. In theory, you may nod to this, yet you may not in actuality.

It may be hard for you keep your hands off. Of course, you are caring. Truly, I wonder if you are as certain about your own twists and turns in life as you are about another’s. You can only know so far as you know. You may not be the guiding light you wish to be.

Be cautious about grabbing the steering wheel from another, especially when it is his own car he is to drive.

The possibility exists that you are mistaken. You do not know where a turn in the road can take you or another. You cannot be so sure that you know more than the owner of his or her life.

In terms of friends, some may eat differently from you, and they thrive. Who are you to change another’s eating habits? The thing is, you are making a guess, and who, in the long run, can say your choice is right and another’s is not?

You don’t know who is the right mate for someone else to marry. You can tut-tut all you want, yet you are not an expert on anyone’s future. Who is? Who cannot be mistaken? Who has not been?

Who can determine with certainty where the golden brick road lies?

By and large, the chips fall where they may.

Who knows what the winning number in the upcoming lottery will be? No matter what you would like to be sure of, most decisions are toss-ups.

The educated weatherman does not always make the right call.

Guarantees do not always carry their face value.

Who really knows the future? It has been said that God knows. This implies that you do not. Nor do you have the wherewithal to know. Beloved, by and large, your knowing is hit or miss.

Beloved, desist from being so sure that what you believe will grandly improve another’s life. No one can know for a fact. You cannot know with finality how your own life’s decisions will turn out. No one knows ahead of time. No one is always right on the dollar.

The decision for you to make now is to allow others their freedom. I personally gave everyone on Earth Free Will. I do not give you the say to make decisions that belong to others, Beloved.