Where Love Grows

God said:

Good morning, beloveds! I rush to your side. Do you feel My presence and how near I am to you and how dear you are to Me? You can only conceive of a tiny part of the great love I hold you in. The deepest peace of love you have ever felt is a mere drop of My love. My love does handsprings. My love jumps for joy. My love spills everywhere over everyone and everything, and still there is more, and you skim over it, hardly noticing.

You have had hints of My love. Look to My love. It is right here, full like the moon in this moment, fuller than the moon. My love is full of all the planets and galaxies and hemispheres, full of the gaps in between, full of all the rhythms of the universe. My love reaches all and contains all, and all contain My love. No one is more privy to My love than you are.

My love can never slip past you, but you do not always see. Your eyes have caught on a fragment of something else, a figment of something else, some passing fancy, some illusion that called to you. Draw your eyes to Mine and begin to see the love I hold you in.

My love holds up everything. I do not hold you in less stead than the planets. Have I not created and orchestrated the sun and moon and stars, putting them in place, giving them the energy to maintain themselves effortlessly. Have I not created everything without missing a beat? Do you possibly think that I passed you over or pushed My love for you behind the counter, rationing My love according to your proclivity and a token you pay?

Not at all. Full love I gave you, and full love you have. Keep your eyes on My love.

What you count for love is not always love. But nothing less than love can I give you. There is not one whit of My love that is absent from you.

But you do not always see. You do not always look. You may be too busy looking at the unevenness of life.

You do not have to meet Me halfway. I am already all the way over to you. I am beside you and in front of you and behind you, and also within. Only your awareness needs to come closer to Mine.

My awareness is love. There is not one moment that I am unaware of you and the fullness of love I surround and fill you with. Where can My love go if not to you?

I do not pick and chose, or, if you want to say I do, then I pick and choose every single one of My children on earth as My own. You are planted in My heart. I go nowhere without you, nor do you take a single step without Me.

How differently would you feel if you could accept what I say? Imagine for a moment what it would be like and how you would feel if you accepted My love wholeheartedly? Keep imagining Truth and start walking toward it. You will reach into your heart and find Me there, like a ripe plum. And as if I were a plum, you would pluck Me from your heart, and yet the plum would keep growing inside your beautiful heart just the same. Endless is My love that lives in your heart. It is as if My love grows within you, but it is your discovery of My love that grows.