When You Live in a Valley

God said:

When you live in a valley, in order to reach a mountaintop, you climb. Climbing is your journey. It isn’t that you must absolutely reach the mountaintop. It is that you are to reach up and keep climbing. The adventure is in the climbing far more than in the result. Even so, there are results every day.

You are reaching for something, and you grasp something even as you may not consciously know what it is you grasp. There is somewhere beyond the valley where you presently live.

Valleys are very beautiful, and yet you climb higher. The climbing is your life. Sometimes you may slip. Sometimes you climb fast. Sometimes you pause where you are. Sometimes you take your time. Sometimes you skip along. Sometimes you are tired. Sometimes you never want to stop.

Isn't what is as it is also okay? Who has the right to say that life as it appears in a moment is not okay? How did you get to be so sure what life is supposed to look like? Your purpose is to climb. Are you here on Earth to say otherwise?

You practice life. You live the best you can. You do not have to be an expert. Certainly, you are not to be the judge and jury of life. Be an enjoyer of life. Be on your way. Jump over the hurdles with alacrity. Hurdles are in front of so that you can jump over them.

Have a liking for yourself and your life. Champion yourself even as you do not know the whole story. What matters is that you climb. You are not given a deadline, nor are you given a map. If you held a detailed map in your hand, the adventure would be less, perhaps even stodgy. As it is, you find out the direction you are going in as you go along. You receive signals that say: "Come this way. Here, not there."

Sometimes you are uncertain at the outset. That's okay. You don't have to know everything. You are a discoverer. You don't know what you will discover along the way. This is how it is that you adventure. Even so, you are a Knower.

You are on an adventure of a lifetime. You are on this amazing adventure right now as We speak! All you have to do is to keep going forward. Obstacles don't stop you. There is no reason why they should.

There is always more before you. No map is opened before you. You have inner guidance. You come from somewhere, and you go somewhere, and, by virtue of your moseying along, you reach somewhere. Climb.

Rejoice. You are on a path whether you see a step ahead or not.

You are destined to reach your destination. You don’t have to reach it right now. You will be led to it. You cannot miss.

It's okay to be the tortoise. It's okay to be the hare. It is perfectly fine to rest along the way, yet you are not running a race. You are not alive here on Earth to prove anything. You are here to be alive. As yet, you don't begin to see your perfection.

One wonderful thing about climbing is that the higher you reach, the bigger the view before you. At a higher altitude, you see further. You are seeing. Whether you are looking up or down, you are seeing.

It matters that you see anew. Keep looking up.

As you look up, keep a lookout for Me.

You are entering a vista.

You are entering Vastness.

Your heart whirls. Your pulse beats. More is going on in the world than you dream of, you who are part of a chorus.

You cast your nets before the water. Everyone reaches out, and everyone is anchored.

Anchor yourself and your Self in Me. You are setting sail for Me.