When There Is Happiness, Must Unhappiness Follow?

God said:

It seems that Life causes you difficulties. Even when an incident is long past, you may conjure up every detail of it. For what good reason would you do this? And yet you have. And yet you do.

How much pain and suffering are such incidents worth?

Of course, some incidents you rate high, and then there are those now that you yourself wonder what the fuss was about. Many incidents reduce themselves to size in the interim and are not worth much at all, certainly not the cost you paid for them.

Perhaps someone looked at you cross-eyed or didn’t give you the time of day, or someone cheated you, as you saw it, and your heart feels snubbed and hurt.

I agree with you that you are worth far more than snubs and that you deserve greater than to spend your time and aggravation as you may well have on such matters. Why do they mean so much to you as they do? What would you have gained if you hadn’t felt such hurt? What is it exactly that does matter so much to you? What is the difference in your Life in the long haul when Life is here today and gone tomorrow anyway?

There are more serious matters that take up your time to get back on an even keel. Loss of Loved Ones ranks high. All losses of anything pretty much appear as great losses.

Must you put so much energy and effort into painful matters? I question why you have to be so affected by so much.

Where did the idea of suffering come from? Why do My Children take evidence in Life in the world so hard? What if suffering were not a common activity? What if you had never heard of suffering? Would your heart then ache to the extent it does?

The world even schedules mourning for a year’s length. Why must mourning exist at all? Of course, I realize that in the world, it is expected of you.

It isn’t that death as it is perceived in the world is a secret. Why do My Beautiful Children associate with death and defeat so deeply as you do? What is the merit in all the suffering and attention on what you perceive as bad news?

You already know that in the world, nothing is permanent. Why is it such a cruel blow when Loved Ones take off on a new journey which is not yet yours to travel? Why must this occurrence repeatedly take the Heart out of you as if you can’t get over it?

Why is loss so overwhelming? Why cannot joy in what you had speak louder than the loss later? Beloveds, I know it’s like your very breath has been taken out from under you.

Beloveds, much of Life in the world is a passage to and fro ships and trains passing in the night. Whether you experience absence or Presence, must such a big gully be made of it? Must you participate in this, and why must you? Who says you must?

Probably most of My Dear Children suffer deeply in their thoughts long before the event of so-called death.

When there is happiness, must unhappiness follow?

When it comes to caring, must uncaring also co-exist?

I say a resounding NO.

In nature, when there is a hole in the ground, it gets filled. You are intended to have Joy on Earth. Love with all your heart without suffering as a future event. You and all Loved Ones will meet again. Why does attachment charge you with such misery? This is not my Will.

Love, yes.

Care with all your Heart, yes.

Suffer, no, dears, not so much as you do.