When Flowers Bloom

God said:

Beloveds, you may think that all it would take to make you happy is to have every single desire of yours fulfilled daily. As yet, alas, not even in a million years, has this been proven True.

Courteous servants may be lined up every morning before you with all kinds of delicacies prepared for you to nibble on throughout the day.

You feel full at the moment -- so of what value are all the treats to you then?

Nevertheless, you have the appetite to answer all the lovely questions the servants have in store for you, such as:

“What time do you want to go shopping for your new car today?”

“What time do you want your massage this afternoon?”

“When do you want to walk through the garden today to pick flowers and berries to brighten your table?”

“What else would you like us to do for you today? Your word is our command.”

Naturally, you think that having all your wishes fulfilled would indeed make you very very happy. This is gratifying to think about, no doubt. Indeed, thinking about what you long for does put sparkles in your eyes over and over again.

Currently, you may believe that if you have nothing left to desire, oh, My Goodness, you are on the road to happiness.

Beloveds, how many princesses in the world do you know that lived happily ever after?

In this relative world, you have heard of the rich child who has every toy in the world. He is bored. You have heard of the poor child who has only one rag to play with. He has happiness beyond measure.

Beloveds, you are your own happiness. When all is said and done, wanting, lacking, displeasure and ennui are your own Dream-Makers and your own waylayers as well.

True, all the gems in the world would give some happiness, yet the joy of all the gems in the world can last only so long. True, all the gems in the world could appear before you, yet when the day is done, objects can be only objects.

The idea of living in a palace seems joyous, yet living in a palace could be lonely. You might long to live in the house where you were born. Even as you may prefer to move into the house where you were born, living there might surely bring more unfulfilled longing to your Heart.

Who or what can give you all the happiness you seek but you? The Seeker is the Fulfiller. This is you.

You are sad to think that you could live your whole life long and leave Earth without ever having known your own True Love or without ever tasting the fruit of every dream of yours realized before you fly off to other fields.

The Truth may be that there is a hole in your bag of goodies that leaves you wanting. More and more does give you some happiness, yet there is more to life in the world than more and more. The Bluebird of Happiness is said to be found in your own backyard.

I go further to say that the Bluebird of Happiness exists within you by virtue of the thoughts you tell yourself. Your own Happiness may be in your own Story in your own words.

Your Heart continues to hope there is more Happiness waiting for you that will still reach you by and by with or without notice.

Verily, much of your Happiness has been in looking forward to it.

Look, Beloveds, if you want to have flowers to bloom and to pick in your own backyard, plant your seeds ahead of time, yes?