What Would Man Be If He Did Not Dream?

God said:

Everything you desire is right in the palm of your hand. Where desires exist is where they are fulfilled. If a request comes from Panama, the response goes to Panama.

Your desires are boomerangs. Once the desire is sent out, it will return to from where it was sent. Sometimes your thought of a desire is its fulfillment. The thought was enough. It filled your heart. The desire itself is the answer to your desire. So some desires are fulfilled before they are sent. Do you understand?

The desire is in the palm of your hand like a dandelion puff, and you blow on it. Dandelions will grow, and desire is fulfilled. In the moment of inception, it is accomplished. It will become manifest in its own time and own way. Your desires have a life of their own.

Then there are desires whose fulfillment will instantly pop into your hand. Such desires are not more fulfilled than others. It’s just they are Johnny-on-the-spot. Instant desires are not better than those that have to bake. Some desires have to bake or simmer on the top of the stove. Like with puddings, the pudding that builds from every natural element, cooks on the stove, takes its time and is not instant is often most delicious.

Do you fret and worry over your desires? This is not necessary. Just send them out. They are not UPS packages that you are going to track. They are invisible messages sent. They are invisible to the naked eye until they manifest this year or next, in your country or another. Your desires are fulfilled wherever and whenever they land. Therefore, your desires are fulfilled the minute you have them. The deal is clinched. You just have to wait for the letter of confirmation to arrive in the mail, or perhaps you will read it in the newspaper.

Oh, desires, desires, desires! They are lovely butterflies that you must let fly. A butterfly caught in your palm is not a butterfly flying. Butterflies have to fly. They cannot be caught and fly at the same time. Let your desires go. Let them find their way.

Desires are beautiful things. They are not bad things. Do not feel bad that you desire more. The day will come when you know you have everything, and maybe then you will cease desiring. You will drink up your desires instead. Like a waiter, the world will serve them to you.

But, truly, the desire is in the desire and not in the fulfillment.

Be glad you are one who desires.

Desires are dreams. What would man be if he did not dream? Then he would merely be on Earth and merely scratching the surface the way a chicken does the soil.

You are a Human Being, and that means you are a Being of Imagination. It means you create thoughts and pictures of thoughts. Perhaps your desires are simply visions of what is already on its way to you. Perhaps you are a visionary. Perhaps you are a seer. Perhaps you are a knower. Perhaps you are a receiver.

Undoubtedly, you are all of these.

You are the fulfillment of your own dream! You are the dream itself. And you are the fulfiller of it. Perhaps nothing happens. Perhaps everything has already happened. The sun is shining before it reaches you. Stars shine before you see their starlight. Is what you have not yet seen less real than what you see every day?

Know that with thought, everything is accomplished. The thought itself is a great accomplishment. All your dreams will appear full-blown before you. Be sure to dream, and to dream the Vastness I present before you.

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