What the World Looks Like to You

God said:

Beloveds, to go along in life according to My Will would be as easy as pie if only you knew and accepted My Will. You are not sure. The thing is that you question a lot. You may turn over in your mind what you hear, and you may take a dim view of life as it is spread out before you.

You may second-guess Me. The idea of this is a bit amusing, isn't it? You may sit there sure that you know better than God! I mean, isn't this a wee bit laughable? Surely your lips turn up with beginning of a smile. I don't know how you can keep from laughing.

The fact is that you may not hear Me at all. I don't mean that you have not heard plenty regarding Me. You have heard plenty about Me second-hand. You have heard others' interpretations of Me and My Words. No matter how well-intended, what you have heard bruited about Me may well be misunderstood. It may well miss the entire point. You may miss the point. What you hear may be more like last Sunday's supper warmed up for tonight.

Why listen to second-hand thoughts when you can hear for yourself from the Source of All Thought? Do you think I do not speak, and speak to you? Do you think I don't want you to hear Me directly? Balderdash, of course, it is My desire that you hear Me. It is My desire that you hear My Words and feel My love for you and all mankind.

Let's talk about the Ten Commandments.

I do not command you to the Ten Commandments. Of course, right at the bat, the use of the word commandments is inaccurate. I commend the Ten Commendments to you as you might give others a map to find their way. Consider these then as Ten Recommendations.

If I were giving you some worthy recommendations for the road, I would tell you to watch the speed limit. I would tell you to keep your eye on the road. I would tell you not to text messages while you are driving. I would give you guidelines. I would give you room to learn. Be assured I give you good directions. This is good advice I give to you. I offer it to you as rules for the road. Obviously, it is your choice to follow them or not.

In life, you can respond to advice on how to live Life only from where you sit. By this I mean where your consciousness lies. You are where you are. If you see differently or not so well as I, you cannot live up to My suggestions for the very reason that they do not feel right to you. They don't sit right with you.

Let's say it's like this: Let's say I give instructions on how to drive your car. A lot depends upon your eyesight. If you don't see well, if you don't have glasses, or you don't wear your glasses, and there is a tree in front of you, you may simply not see the tree, and you could crash into it. You have to see the tree for yourself in order to avoid it. If you can't see the tree, you can't see it.

I use this to illustrate what a state of consciousness might be like. It's not that you deliberately refuse My guidance. It just isn't where you are in a particular situation. You see other actions as making more sense to you under your circumstances as you see them.

I would like you to follow My good advice which the world calls the Ten Commandments. Of course, I would like you to avoid misdirection. Of course, I like to advise you, yet I do not bark orders at you. I am not an army sergeant.

In any case, I know that you will learn from Life itself. Sooner or later, Life teaches you. Your eyes will open, and you will be able to follow My advice because now you get it. Now what I recommend begins to make sense to you.

You are here on Earth to learn. You will invariably learn, and We will quite naturally be on the same page. You will see all this for yourself.