What Surpasses Everything?

God said:

Remember love and then not withhold it. Any love you withhold, you withhold from yourself. You are not meant to stem love. Love is always to be given. When you have an abundance of cream in your refrigerator, you give some away. Not that love has an expiration date, but you don't want it to pile up. When you stockpile love instead of giving it away, you clog your arteries. There is no advantage to holding on to love. When you are angry, disappointed, annoyed with someone or something, you are blocking your own love. What do you think the lesser emotions are but love blocked? Unblock your love. Come on, just let it flow. Let it flow no matter what. Let your love flow for the sake of itself.

Love is not meant to be thickened. It is meant to be given freely regardless of anything else. Not rain nor snow nor sleet is to stop your love. Certainly no one's inconsistencies are to prevent your love. Yet you start and stop your love, and you plug it up. When you cork the love in your heart, you clamp the flow of life.

Love is not meant to be idle. It is meant to flow and flow again to overflowing. Get rid of the idea that you can waste love. Then you won't feel you have to save it.

Saving love for another time decimates love. Love is meant to be spent as if there is no tomorrow. Spend all of the love that is sheltered in your heart today. Give free samples. Hand them out. Keep love circulating in the universe.

You are responsible for the love in your heart. Take good care of it. You take good care of it by giving it away. You are wealthy with love. You are rife with it. You are a whirlwind of love. You are a vortex of love. You are a magical spinner of love.

If you want more love in your life, start giving it. Don't be a miser and measure it out. Just give it. I assure you, there is always more. You can never fill your tank of love too much. You will never run out.

You are all about the flow of love, yet you are not to direct the flow. Just keep it going. Let My love which flows from and through your heart — well, let it alight where it will. Let it alight on all that passes in front of its eyes or in its thoughts. Leave nothing out. Leave nothing bereft of the love in your heart. Do not scrimp on love. Above all, do not scrimp on love. Do not pinch it with your fingers. Do not assay it. Strike oil in your heart.

Love is meant to flow in abundance.

Can I make it any clearer than that?

A good place to start is in loving Me, for your heart needs to open wide. Your heart was made for vastness. Let it adore the Vastness then. Toss your love hither and yon as if it would never go out of style. Love will not. Everything else will.

The rose of your heart is in bloom.

Warmed by the sun, your heart looks Heavenward. Your love, arisen from Heaven, now befalls on Heaven. Today is Heaventide. Today is the season of love, for Heaven looms large in your heart.

The earth is a vase of love picked in Heaven. There is no other kind of love but Heaven's. Love, by its nature, is effulgent. What lights the universe but love? What other fuse is there but love? What surpasses everything else but love?

Comparisons fall short. There is nothing to compare love to.