What is the Use of Time in Life, if Any?

God said:

Beloved, let’s not get so caught up in time that time strictly rules your life. When you fathom that time is not, time will not lead you around by the neck, and you will have all the timelessness in the world. Quite a contrast are time and timelessness. Quite a contradiction are the sparring of time and non-time. How differently life appears to be when time no longer binds you to the plow.

In Heaven, there are no opposites. Can you feel the joy? No opposites amount to Oneness at its best. What can be more simple than Oneness?

Ah, there would be no addition, no subtraction, no division, no counting on your fingers, not even any pointing out, nothing to keep track of, no sorting, no losing, no forgetting. When there is Oneness, what can be on your mind or on your plate? Money would not exist. No bills. No pressure. Who would long for time? You would already know that you have all the imagined time there is in the world.

Perhaps I am going too far, for in life, you could still have a wardrobe and lipsticks of various colors. You could have more than one book of merit in the library. You could have more than one child in the family and more than one pair of shoes and more than one closet to put your shoes in and more than two fingers with which to hold up your shoes.

You may well prefer a field of daisies or a field of buttercups and more than room enough in the Inn for one Christ or Buddha, etc. Yes, you may prefer more than one et cetera for the sake of it. You might desire something more to tap a tune with.

Definitely, you would prefer countless songs, even infinite melodies.

At the same time, the idea of Oneness thrills you, and the idea of multiplicity thrills you as well.

It has been said that you can’t have everything. What is that announcement based on? Why not everything? If you can have something or another, why then not everything your heart desires?

You would like more than one coat of many colors, and you may desire everything under the sun.

And what is this about time and tide waiting for no man? Is this a known fact? Who wouldn’t or who hasn’t waited for a true love for just about forever?

And, yet, where there is no time, there is no waiting for even a minute.

At the same time, who wouldn’t wait forever for a truly profound love? Who wouldn’t wait lifetimes for his or her own true love? You may already have.

You don’t mind filling up space to a point. This may be true for filling time as well, or why else would you keep tapping your foot? What is rhythm for? Where exactly does time get filled to the brim? Can time be stored, and where would time be stored? Time and space get filled to the brim, so it seems. Cannot time and tide wait for you in excelsius and not be bandied about?

What good is time to you? A habit? A place to store stolen goods as if they were your possession or a book to read over again and again and to be stuck in? No question is there that you have a yearning for more and more. Why have the yen without fulfillment? Yet why would you have to possess anything and everything under the sun?