What Are You Doing Alive on Earth?

God said:

Beloved, I ask you frankly, must life on Earth exist all about what you want on this day? I mean, think about it. Do you give the impression that your life may be one disappointment after another, one question another about how come? How come you didn’t get the job? How come you got passed over for a raise? How come today is cold and windy? How come, on some days, everything seems hard, and nothing seems to go easily, let alone right?

Is this sometimes so for you what I am saying? Sometimes life seems to be made up, that of hurdles, and sometimes life seems uphill and you are betwixt and beside yourself no matter how hard it is for you to say that life, your very life, seems to like to trip you up, as if life goes around catching you out, saying "Aha!" to you again and again when your whole-hearted desire is to progress.

You ask: “God, do I really ask too much?”

With all My love for you, I ask you: “Must you complain so much?”

How come you tend to bad-mouth your life so much? Why would you do that? How come you’re so hard to please? How come some days, nothing is good enough for you? Or, life is not good enough and it lets you down.

No one is asking you to be a Pollyanna. I’m not. I ask you to cross over to the sunny side of the street and get past seeing a losing streak.

How come you’re still not an up and rising star? If not a rich man, cannot you at least be a worry-free man?

Maybe you don’t want to have to keep up with all the record-keeping. Maybe you don’t want people you know coming to you for a hand-out. Maybe you don’t want the responsibility. Even as you may wish to be a rich man, maybe it just isn’t at the top of your list. You may desire an end to all kinds of difficulties. Do you really have to even explain to yourself? When all is said and done, you don’t. You just don’t, and that’s it.

Of course you think a lot about what you’re doing and about all that you’re not doing and what basically you are alive on Earth for. Many possibilities seem to hang over you. What are you really doing here? Sometimes it may feel to you that, if life on Earth were a dance, you are sitting it out like a wallflower.

You do know you’re not a good-for-nothing. You know that much. That’s something, isn’t it? You’re good to your mother! You’ve done a good deed here and there – even to strangers. When you come down to it, you could start counting good things about yourself that go beyond toil and trouble.

Now start to see yourself in a new perspective. There may be matters you may have forgotten about or just didn’t think worth mentioning.

I’ll tell what is not worth mentioning. Your angst. Begin to look through your collections of thoughts and dig deeper. Rummage through the day today and come up with a collection of well-turned-out events. Even start thinking of yourself as being given opportunity right and left, or that you are even blessed inside and out! Be superb!

Pat Me, God, on the back, and give Me a good report card. Give Me a few C’s, if you must. A C isn’t bad. It’s okay. Strew some A’s and B’s while you’re at it.

Say to yourself cheerfully after a hard day: “Good try, Man!”

Say to Me: “Thank God!” Say: “Thank God! I mean it!!”

Say to Me: “In fact, God, You’ve helped me out of a jam a time or two in my day!”