We are One not two

God said:

Hello, Dear Ones of Mine, here’s My question to you first thing in the morning. Do you know how you feel as yet today? What will your answer be to My question about how you feel today? What do you think?

Well, Dears, there is a distinction to make between how you feel and how you are. We have two questions here and two different answers:

One question is: How does Life feel to you or seem to you to be like at this given moment? How has your morning been so far?

And, so, you might answer in this vein:

“Well, God, I had a rough morning. First, I stayed up too late, didn’t sleep well, nicked my face while shaving, and, Truth be known, I don’t want to get up and go to work and face the day. Besides, there’s more I could cry on Your shoulder about and go and on. and there would always be more to tell, and I would never finish.”

You may be sure I am aware of how the details of Life impact you daily and how much you long to be forthright. You don’t want to be a Pollyanna who always smiles brightly. However, what you see as realistic tends to be a downer. You may feel honor-bound to describe what you experience as a hardship of one kind or another, and, so, every morning, you may feel like a soldier setting out on the battlefield. Some days, tragedy walks into your Life without any preparation.

The second question addresses how you ARE from the perspective of the True Reality that underlies all. From this Truth, here is your answer:

“Well, good, thank You, God.”

You don’t want to fluff off whatever hurts your Heart and brush it away. At the same time as you would like to lean on Me, you want to be independent and also considerate and compassionate with Me. I know this. And yet, as you set out each day to seek your fortune, you gulp.

Please know I am the Official Welcomer of you, Dear Ones. No matter what may hang heavily on your Heart and Mind, I am here to allay all the lonesome Hearts of all who feel let down, perhaps abandoned. I do not frown at any one. Remember that We are One! Let’s embrace.

To Whom are you to pour your Heart out if not to Me?

Ah, Godlings, when it comes to Me, no matter what you may think is the matter and what you think you are going through, We are One not two. We are One and the same and not separate.

I say that if My giving you My ear gives you some ease, I am all for it. No worries for Me, and you will rise above worries about you in Silence.

When you come to Me, no matter what your request may be, I know you. I know you wish to understand Me and stand beside Me in Life. I hear your voice sweet, and I see beyond the heartache you presently trust in. Come to Me and feel Our entwined Presence. How to say it? Something Great passes between Us, the One of us. We speak One Language.

On Earth, there are eons of time to wander and roam in. Close to Me, based in Heaven, where We both sit as One, there is not even a split second of time to stray in.

Listen, from the Truth of Heaven, from the Reality I know by Heart and which you also have a deep acquaintance with, you are Beautiful.