We Are Immortal Together

God said:

Think of Me any way you like. Have Me as a kindly Grandfather far away in the Sky. Have Me fluttering in your heart. Have Me radiating from everyone and everything. I am everywhere, so where can you not find Me? Blindfolded, you can find Me, beloveds. I am easy to find. I am an unbounded God, yet you can find Me even in the most finite details. Even in the atom, I exist, and you can find Me whichever way you turn or do not turn.

It would indeed take work not to find Me, to think I am not where you are. You would have to object a great deal not to find Me. However, it is not exactly finding Me. I am not exactly found, for I am never lost and never lost to you. I have imparted Myself to you. We are unpartable.

I am out in the open. Never in hiding, you may have hidden Me from your purview. What is outside your window is outside your window whether the drapes are open or not. Just so, My existence, which is such a part of you, is independent of your perception. Your perception affects Me not. It affects you. For My children, I am like the awareness of a million trillion dollars in the bank. With awareness of your great wealth, the way you walk is different. Knowing you are a trillionaire has its own merit, yet belief in a fortune without the actuality only goes so far. Walking on air only works when there is a foundation for it. You have the foundation, so walk on air now.

Here you have the Source of All right with you, and yet you abandon your awareness for the sake of some idea of independence. I am your independence, beloved. I gave you free will, and I gave it to you freely. I also gave you Myself. Sometimes you project your abandonment of Me and feel you have been abandoned. It is impossible for Me to abandon you. I Who gave you free choice have no choice but to be with you. You are My occupation. Being right along with you is, of course, how I would have it. I would not be without you or away from you or anywhere but with you, not for anything. I would never leave you.

When you are beset with the world, you worry about My Existence. I understand this, yet your worry is unfounded. I am inseparable from you. It’s true that the sun will rise tomorrow, and it is true I love you and never leave you, never have left you, never will, not even for a moment. I am not distracted from you. I am embedded in your heart. There is no way you can be without My Presence. You would not even exist were it not for My Presence.

Although you may abandon your realization of My EverPresence, you cannot flee from Me. There is nowhere you can go where I am not. If I cannot -- will not -- leave you, how can you successfully flee from Me? No matter what dark road you go down, My cloak is around you. Nothing can happen to you because We are immortal together. From the first birth of Creation, We arose together. We have been rising still. We lift off together. We arise right now. We arise. We arise beyond belief, beyond the confines of your mind, beyond the confines of the world. We are ascended, beloveds. We have risen.